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Lucy and Claudio - A Fairytale Castle Proposal

Lucy and Claudio - A Fairytale Castle Proposal

Cat Arnott
Cat Arnott Updated:
8th of March 2023
10 years after Lucy and Claudio met in a sixth form geography class, Claudio popped the question at Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. Here, Lucy tells us the enchanting story of this fairytale proposal featuring the stunning images from their engagement shoot by Photos from Sophie.

The Proposal

Our proposal started back when Claudio planned a surprise trip to Germany, Stuttgart for my birthday. We had been dropped off at the airport by my dad; I had no idea where we were going until Claudio gave me an envelope with our tickets in it. I knew our friend who we had met in Australia lived in Stuttgart and I was so happy that we were going to see her. But, Claudio said he hadn’t spoken to her and she didn’t live in Stuttgart anymore. I messaged her asking and at the same time, Claudio has messaged her to say don’t say you live in Stuttgart as that was a surprise for me!The morning of the proposal, Claudio said he had to pop out to collect a key from our Airbnb owner. Little did I know he was going to meet our friend Franzi and surprise me! There were so many surprises that I didn’t expect a proposal at all. Over the last year, every time Claudio and I had been away, my friends would say he was going to propose but every time I would return with no ring on my finger!
Photos from Sophie
Image: Photos from SophieWe drove to a castle called Neuschwanstein which is the inspiration for Walt Disney's Castle. It was so beautiful and I was so excited to see it. We took the long walk up to the castle enjoying the views as we got closer. Claudio and Franzi jumped over a fence so we could take some photos of us with the castle in the background. Little did I know this was the moment I had been waiting for all these years. Claudio asked Franzi to take a photo of us, which I now know was code for “Record I’m going to propose!” The beginning of the video is the classic, me rearranging my hair ready for the photo. Claudio took both of my hands and turned me to one side. I was so shocked my first words were “no no no", I even stumbled back with shock. Claudio got down on one knee and said "Lucy would you be so kind ... as to marry me?" in between saying “ stop I’m going to cry" and presented the most beautiful diamond ring! I didn’t answer for a while as I was so taken back. Finally, I said of course after he had tapped my knee! I was crying and shaking with excitement. We both came back down to earth only to remember that our friend was filming the whole thing. I was so in the moment I completely forgot she was with us! I treasure our proposal video so much, I often watch it to remember the moment. Our friend had made some signs saying “he asked" and “I said yes". We celebrated with champagne which Franzi had hidden in her bag.  We then called our loved ones back home who had been waiting for the good news. The whole trip was so magical which we will never forget.  

Future Plans

We are hoping to get married this May and currently have everything crossed for our date.  Thankfully we haven’t had to postpone our date but we are worried as the current restrictions don’t allow weddings. We have basically all the big things ready to go for our day although with the current restrictions we are limited on planning any of the smaller things as the bridal shops are closed and things are unknown. We have however had our engagement shoot back in September and are so happy with the Photos from Sophie (@photosfromsophie). This put some of the excitement back in the wedding planning process as we are now very excited for Sophie to photograph our wedding. Her work is so beautiful and we just love her style. Hopefully before now and the wedding we will be able to get back in the planning process and finalise the finishing touches. 
Cat Arnott

About the author

Cat Arnott

With a Masters degree in History, Cat is the best person to consult if you need wedding facts and information fast. Her passion for weddings has led to her having a broad and up to date knowledge of trends and traditions and she is here to research on your behalf to find the answer to any wedding related problem.

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