Alternative Gift Registry and Honeymoon Fund

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Key Facts

Price Band: £ - ££

Features & Services

Collect cash gifts direct for absolutely anything.

Choose your currency and collect cash from friends and family all over the world.

Readymade templates make creating your page super quick and easy

Completely customisable - as unique as you are

Personal and friendly customer service

Stylish, beautiful and user friendly

Personal URL for easy and secure sharing

Fast, simple, secure checkout

Collect messages and send thanks

About Patchwork

Whether it's your honeymoon, a piece of art or a new kitchen, with Patchwork your guests can fund the one thing you really want - piece by piece. Customisable templates and a gorgeous image gallery, make it easy and fun to set up your gift page.

* Your friends can give you money (or contribute their time, or their skills) and feel great about doing it.
* We don’t try to sell you anything. You can spend the money you receive when, where and how you like.
* You can collect funds in any currency from friends and family wherever they are in the world.
* Built to bring joy, Patchwork doesn’t just make people feel good about giving money - it inspires them to give you more.
* It’s so easy to use you probably won’t need our customer service. But if you do, it’s the best.

Show your wedding guests your dream as a collection of individual experiences and they choose which part they'd like to treat you to - for example your guests could gift you £200 for a night in a boutique hotel, £50 for surfing lessons or £10 for beers on the beach.
Patchwork is not tied to any travel agents and we don't hold your funds. Instead gift money goes directly into your PayPal or bank account via Stripe so you can book your honeymoon when, where and how you like.

Customer Reviews

Very happy with the website. Wedding couple sent us the address and we simply typed it in and got straight to their page. Once we'd worked out you clicked on the pictures it was all very straight forward, simple and quick. Having worked it out, we like the idea of chossing somethign specific to give towards. So keep up the good work!


7b Harefield Road, Brockley, London, South London, SE4 1LW

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