A Guide To Bridal Beauty Prep

A Guide To Bridal Beauty Prep

Want to start preparing your skin, nails, and lashes for your wedding day? Perhaps you don't know when or where to begin! Amy from Bucks Beauty has all the tips you'll need for preparing for your big day...

Hi lovely brides-to-be! I'm Amy Carter from Bucks Beauty. I have been working in the bridal beauty industry for over 17 years. I have also been on Guides for Brides for 10 years.

I was a bride myself last August, so I know personally what goes into planning and preparing yourself for the big day. I will be covering, in my blog, what beauty prep you can do during the lockdown, so you will look and feel your very best on your wedding day.                  

My Top 6 Bridal Skincare Tips

Get into a good skincare routine

Make sure you cleanse both am and pm and exfoliate twice a week. Use a light hydrating mask once a week (I recommend using Image Vital C Hydrating Water Burst or Dermalogica Hydrating Mask).

Wear SPF every single day (I know that sounds odd) but it protects your skin from everyday UV rays that are present, even when the sun is not out. It will also protect your skin from the blue light from your laptop/screens and prevent pigmentation and premature ageing.

Drink lots of water to flush any toxins out

This will help to prevent breakouts and keep your body and skin hydrated.

Exercise regularly

Exercise brings nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells, to keep the skin looking bright and fresh.

Get your beauty sleep

Of course, us ladies do need our beauty sleep, as this helps to repair your skin's health. So you are looking refreshed on your big day.


Try to destress. I know this is easier said than done while planning a wedding in lockdown! But it will keep the immune system strong and help the skin heal, your skin will thank you on your wedding day by looking bright and clear.


Take some time out for yourself. You could just have a relaxing bath, read one of your favourite books or a magazine. Just do things you enjoy to unwind and relax the mind!

Bride relaxing and reading in a bubble bath

Skincare Steps To Get Your Bridal Glow On

6 months before

Start treating your skin to a monthly facial, there is no time to waste!

Sometimes a simple traditional deep cleanse, exfoliate and massage makes all the difference. If you can't get to a salon, do not panic! You can give yourself a weekly-monthly facial. Make sure you include facial massage which helps to stimulate collagen, helps remove toxins, circulation to tone and brighten skin. (I have videos on my Facebook and Instagram with facial and facial massage you can do for yourself at home).

3 months before

Make sure your skincare routine is on point, as this makes a massive difference. If you are confused about what products to buy, speak to your beauty therapist. (Image skincare does a really good starter trial kit: Vital C). They can also be consulted with any skin concerns whether you're experiencing hormonal breakouts or dryness. 

In the final weeks before and on the day

Squeeze in your much-needed relaxation while achieving clear, bright skin with a facial at least a week before your wedding. On the wedding morning, exfoliate and use a light hydrating mask to give your skin a boost of hydration (please do not use any products you haven't used before on your skin to avoid any skin reactions - not what you want on your big day!)

Bride looking after her skin in the months before her wedding

The Big Bridal Nail Question: To Gel Or Not To Gel?

There are many pros and cons to using gel or regular nail polish. When it comes to your big day, you may want to consider both options for your nails. Here are the pros and cons you may wish to consider when making this decision.

Regular nail polish manicure

This technique has been around for years and remains incredibly popular with brides.


  • You can remove the nail polish yourself
  • It doesn't take long to apply.


  • It doesn't strengthen your nails
  • It can chip easily
  • Doesn't look as bright as a gel
  • You have to wait for the polish to dry.

Gel Manicure (Bio Sculpture or Shellac)

This technique has grown in popularity over the last few years. It involves using gel polish and a led lamp to set, making your nails thicker and brighter.


  • You can actually do gel days before the wedding and will still have excellent looking nails on the wedding day
  • Gel nails dry straight away and last longer than normal polish, 2.5-3 weeks
  • The colour doesn't fade or smudge.


  • The procedure takes 45 mins, maybe longer depending on the design/look you are going for and the condition of your natural nails
  • You need to soak nails to remove with nail polish remover or acetone.
Woman painting nails

Bridal Nail Prep 

Jumpstart your bridal nails by my simple effective nail prep tips.

6 Months before

Start pampering your hands with hand cream and a mask. Take care of your nails now, everyone needs a bit of pamper. You may wish to take a break from polish to help keep your nails strong.

 3 Months before

If you're not in the habit of having monthly manicures and pedicures. I would advise you to do so for at least 3 months before the wedding. If you can't get to a salon right now, do it yourself in lockdown. Invest in cuticle oil (CND Solar Oil - amazing stuff!), prevents cuticles from splitting and growing too long. 

In the final weeks before

Start thinking about your nail look or the design you would like, maybe even do some Pinterest research on bridal looks, think about how your nails will look in your wedding photos. Talk to your nail technician, show them pictures of looks you like; it always makes life easier being able to visually see your dream nails.

Test run. Always test everything related to the overall bridal look. Maybe have a manicure 3 weeks before the wedding and test run the look you would like to go for peace of mind, this is especially important if you are wanting your colour or design to match the theme or colour scheme of your big day.

Gel nails after a bridal trial

False Lashes Explained...

Eyelashes are so huge and in high demand with brides right now and they are also a very personal choice. Whether you are wanting to test the look of the cluster lashes, have lash extensions or wear strip lashes, you will want to investigate your options at least a few months prior to your big day.

Eyelash extensions

They are amazing and very popular with brides, you can have them so they look very natural or for more drama choose Russian lashes

I would recommend eyelash extensions if you would like lashes after the wedding for your honeymoon too. With the eyelash extensions you need to try them a couple of months before the wedding, so you can really get a good idea of what they look like on you and what look you would like to achieve for your wedding.

Strip lashes

Strip lashes are the perfect lash for dramatic lashes for just your wedding day. I would recommend if you are looking for a more dramatic and glamourous bridal eye or you are used to wearing more dramatic eyes. 

Cluster/individual lashes

These are the ones if you would like a natural look just for the day but lots of my brides do try make them last as long as they can. Gives your eyes a little flick to make them more open. Whenever I wear these, people always say 'you look well', but they can never tell what it is because they are so natural looking.

These are the ones I personally used for my wedding in August. I also used a product which is my secret product (Revitalash) which is good to use a couple of months before your wedding, which makes your natural lashes longer, thicker and better condition. It's an investment but actually works. 

Just one more lash option if you are nervous about going for the false lashes

Why not try LVL lash lift? LVL is a natural lift and the treatment includes tinting, which darkens your natural lashes, so they appear longer, thicker and lifted. Very good for your honeymoon too. Like all bridal beauty treatments, I would recommend you try at least a couple of months before your wedding. Very effective to use Revitalash a couple of months before LVL treatment; your natural lashes will look absolutely amazing (definitely take a before and after picture of your lashes).

Amy from Bucks Beauty

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my blog, I really hope it has been helpful.

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