Bridesmaid's duties

Bridesmaid's duties

The bridesmaid's duties and role can be divided into two main sections, before the wedding and on the wedding day. Both bridesmaids duties are equally important. Make sure you make your expectations of your bridesmaid's role clear and keep communicating. This avoids unnecessary stress and tension during the build-up to and on your wedding day.

  • You could ask her to help you choose your wedding venue. A second opinion when scouting around can really add confidence to your final decision.
  • If she has nice penmanship skills you could ask her to write your wedding invitations but bear in mind this is very time consuming and if it not important to you it may be more important to ask her to do other things.
  • A well-known role is the organisation of the hen night. Make sure she is comfortable with this because if she is not you don't want your evening to be uncomfortable and end with a flop. If she is, make sure you give her the contact details of any close friends you want to be invited to your bridal shower and hen night.
  • A major bridesmaid's role is to help pick out her wedding dress. Listen to her opinions, she is generally trying to help and won't be so overcome with wedding emotions.
  • She could help you with the seating plan as may know important relationships between people that need to be considered.
  • She needs to communicate with you and the groom and be completely organised so you feel supported and in control.

On the wedding day she is there to lovingly support you, but do not treat her as a slave.

  • The maid of honour will want to help you get ready and get into your dress - so let her help you! It will be useful to have someone to reassure you that you look stunning.
  • Your maid of honour should organise the other bridesmaids and flower girls.
  • She can be a witness in the signing of the marriage license.
  • It is her job to look out for anything going wrong and sort it out the best she can without you noticing. Don't get angry if she doesn't manage though, she is a very busy girl.
  • Provide moral support and listen to everything you are saying. She is there to do all the jobs so you don't have to. Let her do her job and don't interfere too much. That means you can actually enjoy your day!

Your bridesmaid is there to support you

...through thick and thin!

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