Reception Venues

Reception Venues

Without a doubt, you will choose every aspect of your wedding to follow a certain theme, even if the theme is just expressing yourself. Of course there is no reason why your wedding venue should not be an expression of yourself and your relationship as well. Regardless of your budget or the number of guests you are inviting you will be able to find somewhere that you like.

Choosing a wedding venue is a chicken and egg situation; the challenge is in deciding what comes first. The number of people you will invite will depend on your choice of venue. Your choice of venue is dependent on the number of people you invite. Therefore the determining factor to start with is the amount of your budget dedicated to the wedding venue. Most couples spend 45-50% of their total wedding budget on their venue and catering.

There are lots of different types of reception wedding venue, so you are bound to find one which suits your style and budget. When you are deciding on your wedding venue it is important to ask for all the possible costs and charges to be written out so you can work out the total cost of using that venue. Usually they will provide you with a cost per head for food and drink and a hire charge for the venue. It it important to ask for the additional charges such as the entertainer, the toastmaster and the cake stand.

Inevitably there are lots of important factors to consider when choosing a reception venue, but it can be tricky to remember to ask all the right questions.

  • Are you inviting elderly or fragile guests? If so is there adequate seating and disabled access?
  • Are there children invited? Is there entertainment for them or space for them to let off steam?
  • Are there cloak room or toilet facilities?
  • What about parking on site?
  • Is there a late night curfew?
  • Will you need accommodation for out of town guests?
  • Is any decoration included in the cost of the hire such as candelabra? Table cloths? Chairs and chair covers?

The list is endless....

Some of the most memorable wedding reception venues are unusual "blank canvas" places. When they are decorated beautifully they are stunning. These blank canvas venues might include old warehouses and unused industrial sites. Decorated in a flirty feminine way, they can look totally stunning and unique. Former theatres and churches provide an excellent back drop to a vintage wedding. Stately homes, although being dream locations, can be very costly. As an alternative it is worth looking locally for listed building and contacting them to see if they host weddings. Generally people owning large listed building will be interested in a little extra income and you get a beautiful wedding venue! It is also worth considering a museum or art gallery. They usually provide large, open, well lit spaces which have plenty of facilities already in place. Mixing the old with the new it a lovely way to create instant atmosphere.

When you have found the perfect location for your wedding reception, confirm the booking by paying a deposit. Until that deposit has been paid it is best not to make other plans. You might not have been the only couple to fall in love with the same venue for the same date!

Looking for your perfect wedding venue?

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