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Three Reasons Why You Should Have Your Dog At Your Wedding

Three Reasons Why You Should Have Your Dog At Your Wedding

Bri Ryder-Maki
Bri Ryder-Maki Updated:
24th of August 2023

Your dog is your constant companion, with you every day. So, why not have them with you on your wedding day? We talked to Bri from the Oakhouse Hotel on why you should consider a dog-friendly wedding venue.

Imagine that your best friend is not allowed to attend your wedding day. I’m talking about your very BEST friend, first love in fact. Before you ever met your life partner, this was the one friend that was always by your side. How could you imagine your big day without them?

Yes, I’m talking about your treasured pooch, trusty companion, four-legged fur baby, call them what you will. Our dogs are not just PETS, they become part of our FAMILY. To not be allowed to have your dog be part of your special day seems unimaginable. Here is why we believe having your dog at your wedding is so important. 

Canine best friend at wedding day

Celebrating True Love

Well, this is your best friend! This particular friend has listened to all of your problems, without ever interrupting, getting you through life’s good times and bad. They know all of your deepest, darkest, secrets, but would never tell a soul. They have lived with you most of their life in fact, but are in no way a burden, you just love having them around too much. When you came to think of it, there was not one bad thing that you could say about your best friend.

So, there really was no real reason to exclude them from the wedding. At a dog-friendly wedding venue, all that matters is making sure your dog doesn’t get too overexcited! We would recommend having someone with them all day to keep an eye and look after them. 

Dog at wedding

Canine Cuteness 

The cuteness factor! Your dog can be a real benefit to your wedding day celebrations. Helping to greet your guests with a warm welcome, keeping children entertained or cleaning up any leftovers! You could even treat them to some adorable accessories or an outfit and give them a role in the day, such as ring bearer. Of course, this might require some extra training! But, as your best friends become bridesmaids, it would be lovely to be able to include your dog in such a special occasion. There’s also including your dog in wedding photographs. When else would you get a photoshoot with your dog? 

Oakhouse Dogs

Dogs Everywhere! 

Turn it into a party! If you and your close friends are all dog lovers, why not invite a few more canine guests? Of course, it might be a good idea to restrict this invite to the bridal party, otherwise, your wedding could be overrun! But a handful of well-behaved pooches would add a great touch both to your celebrations and your wedding photos! It would create a sense of fun and make your wedding day even more personal to you. 

Of course, to achieve this doggy-daydream, you’ll need to find a dog-friendly wedding venue!  Here at the Oakhouse, we will go to every length to make sure that your best friend can be part of your big day. Suited for numbers from 30-200, the Oakhouse hotel and private grounds become exclusively yours on your wedding day, to make your dreams come true. If you can dream it, we can do it. Of course, we have pet-friendly bedrooms too! All of the team delivering your wedding are avid dog lovers and want nothing more than to include your pup in the nuptials. So your dog will not only be part of your day, but a VIP!


Bri Ryder-Maki

About the author

Bri Ryder-Maki

Bri is in charge of the events at the Oakhouse Hotel in Somerset. Passionate about giving brides and grooms their dream wedding day, Bri and her team go the extra mile for their couples and welcome their beloved pets at the venue.

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