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Protect your future using a prenuptial agreement. These agreements can save time and money if your relationship breaks down.

They are particularly useful where there are children from a previous relationship or specific assets, such as a business, either wants to keep if they separate.

Whilst not automatically binding, judges in recent divorce cases have given careful consideration to well drafted pre-nuptial agreements. These agreements enable a couple to decide how they want their finances to be dealt with if they divorce. Without an agreement a court considers all sorts of factors that couples may not think are fair.

Pre-nuptial agreements are growing in popularity. They are one of the best ways to try and prevent or at least reduce any acrimony if there is a divorce. They have been likened to an insurance policy, you hope you never need to rely on it but you have it in place, just in case.

In fact, some couples find that having a pre-nuptial agreement actually helps their relationship, making separation less likely. They have an opportunity at an early stage to discuss their expectations. Additionally, by having a formal agreement in place if they divorce, for many couples, court proceedings will not be needed, because they have already agreed a settlement with which they are happy, saving them unnecessary legal costs and acrimony.

We are specialist Oxfordshire family solicitors experienced in preparing pre-nuptial agreements which support your future together whilst giving you peace of mind.

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