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Katie Stout from Guides for Brides team

Katie Stout

Travel & Honeymoons Expert and Marketing & Admin Assistant at Guides for Brides

About Katie

Introducing Katie, she joined the Guides for Brides team in 2023 and is a recently engaged bride-to-be! With her warm and friendly demeanour, she plays a crucial role in our marketing department by managing our social media channels and ensuring our website caters to the needs of couples, wedding venues, and suppliers alike. An enthusiastic foodie and avid traveller from her previous experience as Cabin Crew, Katie is the perfect person to consult for honeymoon destination recommendations or assistance in creating the perfect wedding menu.

At Guides for Brides, Katie holds the position of Marketing Executive, where you'll often find her crafting engaging content for social media using Canva and writing and editing blog posts. Having explored various corners of the world during her time as Cabin Crew, it's no surprise that she loves delving into travel blogs and staying updated on the latest honeymoon trends.

Katie's Role at Guides for Brides

As the Marketing & Admin Assistant, you can often find Katie creating content for social media on Canva and writing or editing blog posts. Having travelled the world as Cabin Crew prior to joining Guides for Brides, you won't be surprised to know that Katie loves reading travel blogs and learning about the latest honeymoon trends.

Katie is also well versed in Customer Service, and enjoys speaking with our clients and wedding couples. As part of her role, she assists at our wedding fairs, supporting John in their marketing and delivery as well as creating graphic designs to promote the events.

Katie's Experience and Educational Background

Katie's educational background includes a Level 3 diploma in Art & Design, reflecting her creative flair and passion. Her artistic eye comes in handy when considering the aesthetic elements of a wedding. She possesses a natural talent for using tools like Canva and can offer design ideas for your wedding stationery or provide advice on making your wedding space visually appealing with decor.

Before joining Guides for Brides, Katie spent five years as a Cabin Crew Member for British Airways, acquiring invaluable customer service skills and a wealth of knowledge about different countries. She is our go-to person for travel recommendations and firsthand experiences. Notably, she has explored destinations like the USA, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, Bermuda, the Bahamas, and numerous countries in Europe.

Back in the UK, Katie has developed expertise in Oxfordshire, where she is based. With Scottish family roots, she frequently visits Scotland and possesses considerable knowledge of its geography, particularly the Northern and Eastern areas, including Inverness, Elgin, and Aberdeen. If you're looking for a wedding venue in Scotland, Katie is your ultimate resource for recommendations.

While working at Guides for Brides, Katie is adding to her qualifications and doing an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing to develop her knowledge and skills in this area. The course includes modules in search engine optimisation, social media, pay-per-click advertising and many key marketing topics.

What is your dream wedding venue?

I would love to have a festival wedding. When it comes to the venue, I picture a gorgeous wedding barn or marquee wedding venue, perhaps in the grounds of a stately home. Either way, I see lots of colourful decor, fairy lights and plenty of space for my dog, Lola, to run around and be a part of the celebrations.

What is your biggest tip for wedding businesses wanting to reach the right couples?

For wedding businesses aiming to connect with the right couples, my top tip is to ensure you have a clear sustainability policy and credentials. Modern couples are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of weddings and appreciate businesses that share their commitment to sustainability. Highlight your eco-friendly practices and initiatives on your listing using our new sustainability feature.

What is your biggest tip for couples planning their weddings?

My biggest piece of advice is to take your time. While the planning process may feel overwhelming, being organised allows you to navigate it smoothly and ensure you have time to really think through your big decisions without missing out on your date.

Remember to prioritise what truly matters to you and your partner, and enjoy every moment of the wedding planning journey. It's a magical time for you and your loved ones, so make the most of it!

How to contact Katie

You can email Katie at or connect with her on LinkedIn.