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Jennifer Brooks Updated:
28th of September 2023

Cookies we use & managing your preferences:

We use cookies to keep our website secure, improve our services, remember your details and preferences to ensure you have a great and personalised experience on Guides for Brides. These cookies can be manually deleted from your device or browser otherwise they will automatically expire after 90 days.

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We use cookies to identify and manage logged in users, to ensure site integrity and to detect activity that violates our terms and conditions. These Cookies are strictly necessary for the website to function.

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We use cookies to remember your details and preferences allow us to tailor our recommendations to suit your needs and to pre-populate our forms for your convenience. Deleting or disabling these cookies will not stop you from using the site but will restrict the personalisation and other helpful features.

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We use cookies to monitor traffic, identify usage trends and to assess the impact of our marketing email campaigns and newsletters. Deleting or disabling these cookies will not effect your experience using our site however your usage information could help us improve our service.

Cookies are used by social media companies to allow the sharing web pages, blog posts, images and videos and to monitor users viewing their posts, videos and content.

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