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How Much Do Wedding Venues Cost in 2024?

Nikita Thorne Updated:
17th of January 2024

When you start planning a wedding, putting together a rough budget and identifying how much you'd like to spend is one of the first steps to take. As you will expect, the biggest chunk of the budget is allocated to the wedding venue.

We analysed the pricing information given by wedding venues on Guides for Brides to help give you a realistic idea of how much a wedding venue costs in 2024.

Bride and groom inside their wedding venue

How much do couples spend on their wedding venue?

It's important to note that venue pricing can vary based on their offering. Some venues are dry hire only, while others offer packages with food and drink options and all-inclusive rates that include things like flowers and DJ services too.

We gathered price data from our venues on Guides for Brides and looked at the national averages to give you an idea of the typical cost of a wedding venue in 2024.

Venues with Wedding Packages

Booking a venue that offers wedding packages can be a cost-effective option as it often includes catering and drinks in addition to the venue hire. The average cost of this kind of package starts from £5,667 for a winter mid-week wedding date and increases to £12,365 on average for a summer Saturday wedding. Those that provided a "typical" wedding package price averaged at £9,046.

Dry Hire Venue Costs

However, if you're hiring your wedding venue on a 'dry hire' basis, (i.e. bringing in all the caterers, decor and bar yourself) then your prices look a little different. Based on our data, the average cost for booking a dry hire wedding venue on Saturdays during the 2024 peak season in the UK is £7,641. However, if you opt for off-peak mid-week dates, you can expect to spend approximately £3,921.

Cost-Per-Head Wedding Packages

Wedding venues that charge couples on a per head basis often provide a comprehensive package that includes venue hire, food, a drinks package, and attentive staffing. For 2024, our data shows that cost per head packages provided by wedding venues ranges from £84 - £136. With an average median cost of £110 per person.

Which Factors Can Affect The Cost Of A Wedding Venue?


The prices given here are a national average, so it is only natural that prices will fluctuate based on various factors and more personal requirements. Location for example can have an impact on the cost. A wedding in Central London for example may cost more than other UK regions.

Number of Wedding Guests

Venue expert, Elaine, advises that the number of guests you'll be having is one of the biggest factors that affects the price of a wedding venue for couples...


From the experts

When planning your wedding, don't forget that your guest list plays a starring role in the venue selection process. Think of it like casting a play - the more people you invite, the bigger the stage you'll need to set and the higher the cost. It's not just about the extra chairs, tables, and linens, but also the cost of feeding the masses. So, before you start comparing the price of potential venues, take some time to determine how many of your friends and family will be joining you on your big day. That way, you can ensure that you have all the information you need to find venues that best suit your needs in terms of capacity and get the most accurate quotes.

The Level of Luxury

Additionally, the higher the level of luxury (i.e. choosing Champagne over Cava) the more you can expect the price to be per person. It's all about finding the ideal balance that suits you and your partner's wants and needs for the wedding.

The Wedding Date

The date you choose is another factor that can affect the cost. If you are opting for a Saturday wedding in the summer, it is important to remember that these will be in high demand as there are a limited number in the year, and therefore, the cost is likely to increase.

Marquee wedding at sunset

How much does a marquee wedding cost?

Marquees often need to be hired out for a flat fee and then catering and drinks supplied separately. Depending on the marquee size and style, in 2024 the national average “typical” cost £4732. Bear in mind, that you also may have to supply extras such as seating, toilets and heaters! You may also need to find a rent-my-field location to host the setting.

How much does a wedding ceremony cost?

We've covered the cost of wedding venue hire, but it's important to factor your wedding ceremony costs in too! No matter whether you're marrying in a church, at a registered venue or in a register office, your costs work out roughly similar.

How much does a Church wedding ceremony cost?

According to the Church of England, the current cost of a church ceremony is a maximum £556 if you choose to marry in your local parish. The maximum increases to £641 if you choose to wed in a different parish. Of course, costs may vary depending on your chosen church and the day of the wedding. Don't forget to factor in extras like the organist, choirs, bell-ringers and heating.

Please note, the prices for a church wedding ceremonies tend to be updated by the Church of England in March, so we expect updated pricing in March 2024.

How much does a civil ceremony cost at a wedding venue?

If you're having a civil ceremony in a registered venue and having the registrar come to you, the cost can vary from district to district. We recommend putting aside around £600-£700 for the cost of the civil ceremony which does cover the majority of counties. Of course, some venues will charge an additional hire fee if you are planning to have the ceremony there so this may increase depending on your venue choice.

How much is a Register Office wedding ceremony?

If you're going to the register office instead, prices vary hugely depending on where and what day you're getting married. The cost of hiring a room in a register office tend to start at around £60 and increasing depending on the day and time you have the ceremony. You will also need to remember the cost of hiring the registrar for the ceremony and this is usually £46.

Cost of Giving Notice

Don't forget that if you are having a civil ceremony or a religious wedding that is NOT taking place in a Church of England or Wales, you will need to go through the process of giving notice in order to make your wedding ceremony legally binding. This costs £35 per person (or £47 if you are subject to the Home Office referral scheme).

Outdoor wedding ceremony led by a celebrant

How much does a Celebrant-led Wedding Ceremony cost?

We're finding that celebrant weddings are becoming increasingly popular with our couples thanks to the ability to really personalise the content. If you're planning on a celebrant wedding, based on the national averages of "typical" prices provided by celebrants on Guides for Brides, you can plan to spend around £664 on a celebrant-led ceremony. If you are getting married in England and Wales, don't forget the added cost of the legalities to make the marriage or civil partnership legal.

Want to know more about what to expect to pay for a wedding? Check out our wedding budget breakdown to get a full overview of how the average UK couple spends their budget.

You can also sign up for your free Guides for Brides online wedding planner to help track your wedding budget.

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