An Interview With Our Apprentice, Shivani

An Interview With Our Apprentice, Shivani

Here at Guides for Brides we are keen to encourage career growth and development, and provide opportunities and apprenticeships to those who are looking to get into marketing.

In honour of National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we’ve been chatting to our wonderful apprentice Shivani. We wanted to know what she loves most about her apprenticeship and how it has really helped her to get her foot in the door within the marketing industry.

Shivani Digital Marketing Apprentice

What is your official role at Guides for Brides?

I'm a Digital Marketing Apprentice working full time at Guides for Brides and completing a course with Oxford Applied Training. I'm working towards a level 3 qualification in digital marketing which started in July. 

What are your key responsibilities?

My key responsibilities are designing and posting instagram stories, writing blogs, running the Pride Guide and Beyond Weddings Instagram accounts and creating the weekly couples newsletter.

Whats your favourite part about your apprenticeship?

I really enjoy the blog writing aspect of the role because I'm quite a creative person. It has really developed my writing skills which will be great for me in any future marketing roles. I also quite like scheduling social posts which I find really rewarding when they receive engagement. 

What skills do you think you have developed since starting?

My confidence has gradually improved and I'm now much better at answering the phone and writing professional emails. My time management skills have also really improved since I have to stick to quite strict deadlines. 

Are there any perks of doing an apprenticeship?

It's great being able to work and earn money whilst doing a level 3 course at the same time. Everything I learn, I get to put to use straight away which really helps me to understand everything quickly. I'd really recommend an apprenticeship to anyone stuck on their next career move - it's a great way to get industry experience! 

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