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Covid Status Passports for Weddings

Covid Status Passports for Weddings

Alison Hargreaves Updated:
24th of October 2023

Event organisers and venues have recognised that it is crucial for guests and attendees to feel as safe as possible. 

Confirming a guest's Covid status is a simple and effective way to achieve that. Venues and event organisers aren't waiting for the government for this; they know that guests will only be comfortable socialising with others if they need to know that everyone in the room is "Covid safe".

Guests will stay away from events where they don't feel protected so Covid Status Passports give the reassurance everyone is looking for.

Covid passports at weddings

SURVEY April 2021: We asked couples how they felt about using Covid Status Passports at weddings

Event venues are already familiar with the Trusted Trace Track & Trace app. Now we've added the option for guests to upload their Covid credentials so that it works as a COVID Status Passport.

It is simple to use, there is no additional cost, and the venue or event organiser retains complete control. It's available as an App for regular users, or through the website.

Why this is essential software for all wedding venues

  1. Keep control of your track and trace records so that YOU know if there is a case at YOUR venue.  
  2. Gather data to support a full reopening. Anonymised data will be supplied to BEIS and DCMS if it supports our claims that the risk of infection at weddings is low.
  3. Ensure guests feel safe at your venue. Covid status passports have enabled guests to feel comfortable returning to events in the US, increasing guest numbers and guest satisfaction.
  4. Keep staff safe. We all value our staff and want to keep them safe at work.

How it works:

  1. The venue or couple adds details of the event to generate a link to the event's declaration form, which can be sent to guests and suppliers.
  2. They complete their contact tracing information, as well as their Covid "status" (whether they have been vaccinated, have had a negative PCR or Lateral Flow test or have had Covid in the past 6 months). They can upload proof for you to check in advance if required.
  3. Guests receive a check-in pass to show on arrival, with a link to notify you if they develop Covid after the event.
  4. If a case is reported, you are the first to know and can easily contact other attendees through the platform. We can send details of attendees to NHS contact tracers if requested.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Trusted Trace become an industry leader? 

Trusted Trace was listed by the Cabinet Office in June 2020 as a Covid software solution (ID: 20200625-161909-6D7EA6)

It was used for the DCMS track and trace pilot event

It has been used by several hundred venues throughout the pandemic

Trusted Trace is an integral part of the highly respected Meeting Industry Association AIM-secure industry standard.

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How do guests and suppliers register?

Attendees are sent the personalised link to complete a short declaration.

They’ll be sent a check-in pass to show when they arrive.

If they complete their declaration more than 24 hours in advance they’ll be emailed the day before to remind them not to attend if they should be self isolating. 

Any guests that haven't registered before the wedding can be added on arrival. 

Who should I tell if a case is reported?

The guest should be encouraged to contact NHS Test and Trace and may be asked for a list of those they have been in contact with, in which case we can assist. You retain complete control of the situation.

98% of people surveyed said they would want to know that they may have been exposed, in order to take sensible precautions to protect those around them. So, we have included a quick and simple way for you to send all or some attendees a message.

You can pinpoint just the group of customers who may have been exposed by date, time and any pinpoint option you have set up for the event, such as table number.

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From the experts

This is a fantastic system, easy to set up and use and gives great peace of mind for both us as a venue and our clients and guests. We know that the information is properly stored in line with GDPR and easily available to the relevant bodies should it be needed.
Heritage Venues, UK

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