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10 wedding ideas to surprise your guests

10 wedding ideas to surprise your guests

Alison Hargreaves Guides for Brides Bio
Alison Hargreaves Updated:
8th of March 2023

We love seeing all the different ideas people come up with to surprise their guests at weddings and we just had to share some of our favourites with you.

10 wedding ideas to surprise your guests

Costume Change

Change it up for your wedding reception by donning another outfit for the evening. Follow in Kate Upton's footsteps by wearing a beautiful ceremony gown for your entrance before changing into another dress to party on down in for the reception. If you're feeling brave you should check out some of these sheer wedding dresses.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Photo booths are always a number one choice at weddings, but why not mix it up by choosing the latest in technology with the magic mirror photo booth. Apart from being full length, it looks so snazzy at a wedding reception!

Inventive desserts

Believe it or not, not everyone likes wedding cake, so having some inventive desserts is a great opportunity to surprise your guests. Donut walls are just awesome, but you could also get an ice cream truck to pay a visit to your wedding venue! We're not talking the Mr Whippy kind, more the vintage camper or bicycle versions.

The First Dance

Choreograph your first dance for the ultimate surprise. Whether you go for classy ballroom styles or a funny mashup, your guests are sure to love it.

Musical Interlude

From tribute bands to serenades from musicals, having a surprise song or band is a great way to get your guests going. Singing waiters always go down a treat, and it's great if the wedding party are involved in some way. Plan them during the speeches when you have everyone's rapt attention for maximum impact.


Late night snacks

Your guests are dancing the night away, enjoying a beverage or two, and they start getting the munchies, and out you pop with some late night snacks. Bacon sandwiches are usually a winner (people love savoury fried goodies - a french fry station perhaps?). Or why not go for a sweet option with some mini donuts to keep them going.

Wedding | Food selection | Breadsticks | Guides for Brides

The Guest Book

Move away from a traditional book (who reads them after the wedding anyway) and go for a guest book that you can display with pride. Polaroids are pretty popular, but who wants to do what everyone else is doing?


Go out with a bang and organise a fireworks display for the evening. Tempt everyone outside with sparklers before setting off your display for the world to see. We chatted to Titanium Fireworks recently all about how to organise your wedding fireworks.

Fireworks | Display | celebration | Guides for Brides


What better way to surprise your guests than with a magician? You can even get the photographer to capture their surprise as they're wowed with magic again and again - great for the photo album!

Outdoor Entertainment

Garden games are a popular addition at weddings nowadays, so why not take things up a notch from the croquet and space hoppers to a towering bouncy castle! You could even go for a carousel like Heidi and Danny did on their wedding day.

Carousel | Couple | Guides for Brides

(Photos by Deeside Photographics)

If you're looking for other ways to surprise your guests with entertainment browse online!

Alison Hargreaves Guides for Brides Bio

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