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16 Unexpected Wedding Colours That Are Uniquely Beautiful

16 Unexpected Wedding Colours That Are Uniquely Beautiful

Amy Updated:
8th of March 2023

Everyone wants their wedding day to be unique. One of the easiest, yet often overlooked, ways to freshen things up is to go crazy with your wedding colours.

Inject some originality into your big day by choosing a unique wedding colour palette. Fresh, distinctive and guaranteed to make your event stand out (for all the right reasons too).

So, tear up the traditional wedding colours rule-book and have fun creating your own bespoke and beautiful colour themes to suit your bridal style.

Take inspiration from 16 of our favourite and unexpected, but totally cute wedding colour combinations:

black wedding theme

#1 Black Weddings:

Black and white may be timeless and sophisticated, but it’s also a wedding colour combo as old as time.

So, shake things up and reverse this classic style by going back to black. We're talking about black everything. Everything. From the flowers and the cake, to the venue decor and the invitations.

And yes, even the dress too.

Worried, you'll look more Wednesday Adams than Audrey Hepburn?

Channel this beautiful Vera Wang inspired black bridal wear, which proves that black really is the new black.

This wedding colour scheme is chic and sexy with (just the right amount) of edginess sprinkled on top.

all white wedding

#2 An All White Wedding:

On the flip side, if bright and bold colours aren’t your thing, try an all-white wedding colour scheme. This look is simple, elegant and graceful. Perfect for an outdoor summer wedding, where Mother Nature’s scenery will provide a natural pop of colour for the backdrop. Perfect for those oh-so-pretty photographs.

And - try combining hues of white, ivory, cream and beige together for added texture.

rainbow unicorn wedding

#3 Rainbow Wedding Theme:

Can’t decide on one colour? Well, don’t. Inject some fun and brightness into your nuptials by embracing a rainbow wedding theme.

This wedding colour is all about having excitement and letting your imagination go wild. Get creative by adding vibrant details to every aspect of your big day. Have your bridesmaids each wear a different coloured dress, add rainbow ribbons and even taste the rainbow by having an extravagant multi-coloured cake.

Want more? Mermaids and Unicorns are top trends for 2017 so why not try incorporating this colourful theme into your wedding? Think bright shades, glitter, metallics and even more glitter. (Because you can never have too much glitter, right?)

If a single wedding colour theme is not your style and a rainbow wedding is just a little too much, take inspiration from some of these edgy yet stylish wedding colour palettes:

#4 Aqua Blue and Baby Pink:

Aqua blue and baby pink are romantic, fun and cute wedding colours. These oh-so-sweet bubblegum hues are stylish and playful - reminiscent of young and innocent teenage love, whilst adding a touch of nostalgia to your nuptials. This candy colour combo looks great for Spring weddings as it’s fresh, yet subtle.

red and turquoise wedding

#5 Red and Turquoise:

Red is the colour of love so it makes sense to incorporate it into your big day. But if you’re sick of cliches, then why not throw turquoise into the mix?

Combining this primary colour with the vibrant shade of blue adds an unexpected and bright contrast to things.

Tip: Swap red roses for turquoise ones - this says you’re both romantic, but outgoing as a couple.

#6 Coral and Purple:

This rich and gorgeous blend of colour makes for a breathtaking wedding theme. The combo of the deep purple with the bright coral is beautiful and is guaranteed to make any venue stand out.

This colour combo is hot, sizzling and sensual - making them both perfect summer wedding colours.

burgundy and dusty blue wedding

#7 Burgundy and Dusty Blue:

A deep burgundy and dreamy dusty blue work well for a festive, winter wedding.  The cool and icy light blue compliments the dark, warm tones of the burgundy. Mix and match these pretty colours together into the small details of your big day. For instance, wear blue heels paired with a burgundy lipstick. Get the groom to wear a dusty blue suit with a burgundy bow tie.

red blue yellow wedding

#8 Red, Blue, Yellow:

Bright. Bold. Beautiful. If summertime were bottled and sold as a colour - it would most certainly contain these three vibrant shades. This trio of primary colours are basic on their own, but together will illuminate and uplift your wedding decor.

We dare anyone not to be uplifted by seeing this infusion of colour.

Planning a carnival style wedding? These three hues definitely lend themselves a la Royal wedding / Jubilee style.

#9 Grey, Fuchsia and Lime Green Wedding Theme:

If you like vibrant colours, then look no further... hot fuchsia pink and lime green are probably as bright as you can possibly get.

Check out how dazzling and pretty they work as wedding colours. The subtle hints of grey add a refined touch, preventing the style from being garish, but instead simply looking gorgeous.

sage green chocolate brown yellow wedding theme

#10 Sage Green, Chocolate Brown and Yellow:

A more subtle wedding colour combination - these three shades look stunning whatever season you tie the knot.

The earthy and organic colour palette is inspired by the outdoors and Mother Nature’s beauty - so think stripped-back and simple designs when it comes to the elements of your wedding. Try using wildflower bouquets with sunflowers to incorporate all three colours.

#11 Mint Green, Peach and Gold Wedding Style:

The romantic pastel colours combined with a touch of glittering gold is the perfect choice for creating an idyllic and glamorous wedding. Think bohemian forest fairy-tale meets Great Gatsby, for the contrast of delicate and pretty elements with decadent details.

Mint and peach mesh fabrics embroidered with a gold lining make for dreamy chair and table covers.

#12 Lime Green and Electric Cobalt Blue:

Looking for a fresh and striking wedding colour scheme? Pair lime green with electric cobalt blue for an eye-catching and distinctive affair. Adding pops of colour to the day really will brighten up the whole event for a fun, exciting and intoxicating celebration.

pumpkin orange chocolate brown wedding theme

#13 Pumpkin Orange and Brown:

Beautifully rich and creamy, this autumnal colour combo creates a luxurious and velvety style with a sprinkling of spice for added oomph. It offers a lot of decor options too.  

Embrace the autumnal wedding theme by having bouquets featuring crisp, fallen leaves and hang pretty jack o’ lanterns around the venue. Serve pumpkin spiced flavoured cupcakes and mulled cider to continue the autumn theme.

#14 Aqua, Cherry Red and Khaki:

If retro is more your thing, try this quirky colour combination for a unique and 1950’s rock n roll twist. Make the cool aqua the prime colour and limit the cherry red to centrepieces with just a subtle hint of khaki thrown in. This will really make the bold colours stand out. Dress your bridesmaids in rockabilly style blue dresses with cherry red bouquets.

mustard grey navy blue wedding theme

#15 Grey, Mustard and Navy Blue:

If you’ve always dreamed of a classic and sophisticated wedding, but are bored of the typical colour choices, then grey, mustard and navy combination offers a sleek, elegant and novel alternative.

Randomly add in notes of the colours to different elements of your big day, such as blue flower arrangements, grey balloons and yellow pockerchiefs for the groomsmen.

#16 Canary Yellow and Hot Pink:

For a summer wedding like no other, try this dramatic and sultry colour combo.  

The vibrant, energetic and refreshing interlude of these bold shades scream fun, fiesta, and fierceness.

While pink can be too girly for some and yellow is often a tough colour for many to pull off, the combination of these bright shades together provide a beautiful and captivating alternative. The vibrant colours work in harmony together in many a pairing. From beautiful, pink bridesmaid dresses matched with striking yellow tulips, to a simple white cake decorated with pink and yellow icing, you can't go wrong.

Want more inspiration? Check out these 5 simple ways to add a pop of colour to your wedding day.

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