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22 Ideas for a Great Gatsby Wedding

22 Ideas for a Great Gatsby Wedding

Alison Hargreaves Updated:
8th of March 2023

After the success of the film, The Great Gatsby has become a popular wedding theme for brides everywhere. At Guides for Brides, we think a Great Gatsby wedding theme is a great way to up the fun-factor of your big day. We love this non-traditional wedding theme and think it's a romantic way to celebrate the beginning of your married life. So, from art deco invites and decadent desserts, to diamantés and feather decor - check out these 22 ideas for a super sparkly Great Gatsby theme wedding.

great gatsby film

1) Art Deco Invitations

Kick off your Great Gatsby wedding with some 1920s-style invitations! This is a great way to instantly set the theme of your big day so make sure that you choose a design that tells your guests what to expect. For full Gatsby glamour keep your wedding invitations black and gold with an elegant Art Deco border. 

art deco wedding invitations

2) Decadent Desserts

When it comes to your wedding cake, this Great Gatsby theme allows you to be as extravagant as you'd like. Why settle for one cake when you can have an entire table of beautiful 1920's-inspired desserts? Go for metallic shades, especially gold at your Gatsby party.

gold wedding cakes

3) THE Art Deco Dress

We absolutely love 1920's wedding dresses. If you're looking for an authentic 1920's gown then take some time to browse in vintage stores. However, if you want something a bit more modern, lots of designers have created 1920's inspired Gatsby style dresses which would be perfect for a wedding with a Great Gatsby theme. Whether you prefer lace, or beading, go for a Gatsby style dress with 1920's inspired details.

1920s wedding dresses

4) Great Gatsby Glitter and Gold

This is an important element to any Great Gatsby wedding. There are so many ways to make sure that your wedding is full of glitter and gold. Why not have a dress with shimmery sequin detailing, or chic golden table decorations? We think that these glittery doughnuts are a fun way to incorporate a little bit of sparkle into your big day.

glitter doughnuts

5) Art Deco Inspired Centrepieces

When having a Great Gatsby theme for your wedding, go for extravagant blooms of flowers, white feathers and draped strings of beads. For table numbers, a simple wine bottle is a great idea for this theme. Try adding a feather or two for extra 1920's elegance.

1920s wedding centrepieces

6) Get the 1920's Look

Capture the beauty of 1920's fashion with your bridal look. Channel your inner Daisy Buchanan and go for sleek, flapper-style hair with lots of sparkly accessories. Don't forget to finish the look with a bold red lipstick!

great gatsby wedding bride

7) The Wedding Aisle

Make an entrance as you walk down your beautiful Great Gatsby themed aisle. Style the aisle with as many pearls, diamonds and feathers as you'd like. We recommend a gorgeous gold and white colour scheme.

white feathers wedding aisle

8) Vintage Quotes!

The Great Gatsby is famous for it's romantic love quotes so why not include some of these in your big day? You can have them as unique signs, in your vows or, if you want to take the theme one step further, you could even have a quote engraved into your wedding rings.

great gatsby quote sign

9) An Art Deco Wedding Venue

You don't need to own a mansion to have a Great Gatsby themed wedding. Finding your dream venue is easier than you may think. There are hundreds of great venues that would work amazingly for a Gatsby party! Look for photogenic venues that have a large indoor space that you can decorate. These art deco wedding venues in London will inspire you.

eynsham hall

10) Gatsby Feathers

Whether you style them in your hair, use them as centrepieces or in the bouquet, feathers are a wonderful addition to Great Gatsby weddings! If you're feeling extra creative, you can try a DIY task and dip white feathers in glitter to achieve a sparkly, Gatsby-worthy look.

gold feathers

11) The Gatsby Groom

Okay, so you might not be saying "I do" to Leonardo DiCaprio, but your groom can still rock a bit of Gatsby get-up. If you really want to get the 1920s look down, go for bold cuts, prints and colours. If your groom wants to take the theme even further, he can carry Gatsby's walking cane and wear a stylish bow tie.

1920s man wedding outfits

12) Plenty of Champagne

No Gatsby themed wedding is complete without plenty of champagne. There are so many unique ways to include champagne in your day. Why not offer your guests some champagne cocktails or create an extravagant champagne tower for even more wow-factor?


13) Wedding Signs

Wedding signs are taking the wedding world by storm! If you have Pinterest, it's likely that you've seen hundreds of vintage-style, shabby chic wedding signs all over your homepage. However, you can easily put a 1920's twist on this wedding trend by using an Art Deco font and style. We think these would make the perfect addition to your big day.

great gatsby wedding signs

14) Diamonds (or diamantés) 

So you might not be able to afford hundreds of real diamonds, but diamantés and sequins are a much cheaper alternative that will still look amazing. Use them on your dress, shoes and table decorations to add even more sparkle to your special day.

bride 1920s headpiece

15) Vintage Cars

What better excuse is there to make an entrance than a Great Gatsby theme wedding? Don't be afraid to go a little bit over the top when it comes to your wedding transport. Imagine rolling up to your venue in Gatsby's iconic yellow Rolls-Royce...

great gatsby car

16) Flapper-Style Bridesmaids Dresses

Take your bridesmaids dress shopping and have fun whilst trying on all the beautiful 1920s dresses. Go for dropped waistlines, beading and fringing. Style the look with pin-curled hair and glamorous diamond earrings. If they really want to commit to the theme, they could always try a feather bower. 

1920s bridesmaid dresses

17) Pearls

Pearls were very popular accessories in the 1920's so try to include some in your big day. Whether you want a gorgeous pearl necklace or a pair of delicate earrings, pearls are a great way to get some Gatsby-inspired elegance into your wedding outfit. If you don't want to wear your pearls, why not hang some strings of white beads on the backs of chairs?

bride pearl dress detail

18) Table Decor Ideas

It doesn't matter if you don't have a grand dining hall for your guests, you can decorate your tables so that they sparkle! This can be achieved with glittery centrepieces, gold table cloths, or chairs studded with diamantés. However you choose to decorate your table tops, make them stand out from the crowd with 1920's details.

wedding tables 1920s

19) Glittery Cake Pops

Forget traditional canapés, cake pops have become popular canapé ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on your guests' faces. We think these black and gold cake pops would work perfectly with a Gatsby themed wedding.

black and gold cake pops

20) 1920's Hair Accessories

To complete your 1920's bridal look, you'll need one of these gorgeous hair accessories. If you're feeling extra brave, you can create some DIY headwear for you and your bridesmaids to add a personal touch to your day. 

bride 1920s look

21) Jazz Music

When it comes to your wedding music, you can choose from two options that would both be great for the theme. You could hire a 1920's-style jazz band to provide a relaxed yet fun atmosphere for the day. However, you could also go for Baz Luhrmann's upbeat and modernised soundtrack to get your guests on the dance floor.

1920s band

22) A Photo Booth 1920s Style

Hire a photo booth and fill it with Gatsby-inspired props! Your guests will have so much fun posing in their 1920s attire and can keep their photos as memories from your wedding day. 

photo booth photos

So, now that you have all the inspiration you need to have a beautiful Great Gatsby theme wedding, you can get planning. Good luck and have fun, ol' sport!

great gatsby

Photo Credit: Pinterest.

Discover ideas on our Pinterest board for a Great Gatsby Themed Wedding.

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