8 reasons you should use our wedding planner

8 reasons you should use our wedding planner

A wedding planner website provides guests with a hub for information about the big day and this new trend is becoming essential for wedding planning. These eight reasons will make you realise how you couldn’t live without one!

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1. It makes life easier

It doesn’t take long to set up your beautiful wedding website and it means all need-to-know information can be posted here so you don’t get bombarded with questions as the big day approaches!

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2. It’s free

There are plenty of services that can help you create a beautiful wedding website for no money at all! While there are some excellent paid services such as Squarespace that will cost you money for a year's subscription, there's no reason to pay for a wedding website if it's not in your budget. 

3. It’s personal

Your wedding website is personal to you and gives you a platform to share your love story with your guests. You can upload your own photographs and details of the big day - you are in control of everything.

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4. Convenient for out of town or overseas guests

Maybe you have guests who are coming from far away who you won’t see before the big day? What a brilliant way to provide them with all the information they need, as well as making them feel like they are part of your special day despite being hundreds or thousands of miles away.

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5. Share pictures and information about the engagement

Your wedding website gives you the opportunity to share your love story from the day you met to tales of your engagement. You can provide details of where the proposal took place and how the day unravelled with your favourite picture from your engagement shoot. 

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6. Room for extra info

The website allows you to provide further detail that doesn’t fit on your beautiful little invite. Many brides don’t feel like they even need to send an invite thanks to the wedding website - a great way to save on stationary costs!

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7. You can use it for your gift list

How useful will it be to have a gift list that is easily accessible by all guests? Well, your personal wedding website can do this too, often by linking to your gift list directly for guests to visit. 

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8. Guest list management

This is one of the main reasons brides set up a wedding website. Guests can RSVP via the website and this is all recorded for you to stay on top of things. Once you’re ready why not use the Guides for Brides Wedding Planner to drag and drop names to organise your table plans? 

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