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Children at Weddings with Mark Niemierko

Children at Weddings with Mark Niemierko

Jenny Davies
Jenny Davies Updated:
8th of March 2023

If you're looking for a top wedding planner to help you with your wedding, then look no further than Niemierko Weddings. Experienced in planning the most luxurious of weddings, Mark Niemierko has some top tips for couples looking to include children into their special day. Since the topic of children at weddings is somewhat controversial, we decided to interview Niemierko to see what he thinks regarding some of the most disputed topics.

As always, your decisions for your wedding are entirely up to you. However, Mark has some great suggestions for couples looking to involve children in a fun way...

Would you suggest that people invite children to their wedding and why?

Niemierko children at weddings

Image by David Pullum

The inclusion of children at a wedding really comes down to the day or weekend you are planning. Niemierko has planned the weddings of many couples with their own children, in which it was imperative that they were included, playing key roles namely in the ceremony.  

Overall, a traditional wedding format can be boring for young ones, namely the dinner. For example, including children as Bridesmaids and Page Boys at a ceremony is magical, moving and humorous, making memorable imagery with your photographer and videographer. Typically, part way through the post ceremony drinks reception, we arrange for children’s entertainers and nannies to open a specific children’s area, allowing the adults to enjoy the evening festivities ahead.

How do you politely inform guests your wedding will be child free? 

Niemierko Weddings

Image courtesy of Niemierko Weddings

I feel it’s more than fine to state on the invitation information card or wedding website wording along the lines of “As our wedding will run late into the evening, we would prefer to keep it to adults only.” There will be many guests grateful for a day/night off!  

Do you think that teenagers should be invited even when children aren’t?

Niemierko Weddings Children

Image courtesy of Niemierko Weddings

Again, this depends on who the teenagers are as the couple may want their close nieces and nephews to be included. Anyone over 12/13 really does need to be classed as an adult for the meal, and would therefore sit with the adults during dinner.  

How best to manage younger Bridesmaids and Ushers, especially at the wedding ceremony?

Children at Weddings

Image courtesy of Niemierko Weddings

Children are children, let them be just that. You may want to guide them on where to walk and sit, but frankly if they do something unplanned it’ll make a corker of a photo! For example, I have images of a flower girl who, as she walked at the start of the aisle, started turning and shaking her handheld basket with rose petals upside down. The petals hit the aisle in one go and it’s one of my favourite photos at a Niemierko Wedding! It also naturally became a fun talking point during the drinks reception amongst the adults.  

Do children cost as much as adults at most weddings? Is it a wasted expense?

Children at Weddings

Image courtesy of Niemierko Weddings

Naturally no, food and drink aren’t as expensive as the adults’ requirements. But should you offer childcare and entertainment for the younger guests, this will of course be an added expense. 

Do you think that children ruin the party vibe?

No, not at all. The only parts of a wedding day I feel they should be separated from is the dinner and speeches as a three-course meal is a lot to ask them to sit through patiently. Instead, they could be out on a treasure hunt which is much more engaging and fun for them! 

Ideas to entertain children at weddings?

Niemierko Weddings Butler

Image courtesy of Niemierko Weddings

VIP All Access Lanyards

Upon arrival I greet the children explaining I’m the wedding planner and it’s a tough job and I need a little help, so long as they are well-behaved. The passes include privileges and rules such as to consume as many ice-cream sundaes as possible and access to test the photo booth and dance floor before the adults. I also give them the challenge of not letting any adults into the Children-only area! 

Press For Button 

Like the famous press for champagne button, we install a chic doorbell, each time delivering something new.  In the past we have done doughnuts, milkshakes, eclairs, and most recently hot dogs.  One of our butlers sits out the back and when the button his pressed he delivers (on a silver tray) what the children have pressed for. That butler likely does the most steps of anyone in the team on a wedding day! 

Wedding Treasure Hunts

These are ideal if you are in the countryside. We come up with a special Treasure Hunt around the specific wedding, and even the location to make it educational as well as entertaining.  


If budget allows, a Ferris wheel, carousel or good old-fashioned teacups are a must. Grown-up gate crashers are very likely, however! 

Mini Photo Booth 

The toddler booth by Republic of Photography is a must. I can confirm it’s so tiny even your wedding planner cannot fit in it. It includes bespoke print outs, a bespoke poster to fit your theme and of course, endless posing! 

So, if you found Mark Niemierko's advice useful,


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