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Expert Advice: Botox before your big day

Expert Advice: Botox before your big day

Denise Updated:
10th of March 2023

Brides-to-be, looking to look their most beautiful on the biggest day of their lives are opting for Botox treatments at an increasing rate. So how can you get it right and avoid any pitfalls? We discuss three expert tips from Dr. Paul Munsanje of Amara Aesthetics Dunlin and Beyond MediSpa in Knightsbridge.

1. Time it right

Treatment takes two minutes to do, two weeks to work and last for four months. So, if you’re looking for pre-wedding Botox treatment, ideally pay a visit to your cosmetic dermatologist six months before your wedding date for a full treatment cycle.

Not got six months spare? Visit them six weeks before, that way you have two weeks for the final treatment to work, two weeks to get back for a follow up visit and two weeks spare for any tweaks.

botox treatment - wedding

2. Take it easy

Don't ask your cosmetic dermatologist to freeze your face, ask your dermatologist their advice on how much treatment to have - don't over do it.

"The best treatments (hands down) are the ones where people ask themselves ‘What cream is she using?’ rather than ‘Who does her Botox?’. Although it may look good in a photo, if you cant lift an eyebrow even 1mm during the best man’s speech, you’ve been over-treated."  

3. Come Back

In order for your dermatologist to review their work, they need to see you after your treatments. Because everyone is different, some way need more treatment than others to get a good result; Botox is not a one size fits all treatment.

"Quite often I will spot something that [my patients] don't, and I will make an adjustment there and then and adjust my notes for the next time in 4 months. Once I work out what works for someone, we usually stay with the same treatments for years". 

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About the author


With a previous career as a hairdresser, Denise is an expert in the bridal beauty category. She knows exactly how to find beauticians and hairdressers you can really trust to make you look amazing.

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