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How to plan an incredible wedding on a budget

How to plan an incredible wedding on a budget

Izzy Turner-Hicks
Izzy Turner-Hicks Updated:
8th of March 2023

If you're a bride on a budget, then it can sometimes seem impossible to plan the kind of extravagant weddings you see on Instagram and Pinterest. Don't panic - with a bit of planning, you can create an incredible, personal wedding day that your guests will love without breaking the bank. Guest writer Sophia Smith shares her ideas for an amazing wedding on a budget...

First off, congratulations on your big day! You certainly have plenty to be excited about, so much to plan, and even more to look forward to. Amidst all the joy, you also need to be very mindful of your wedding budget and how you wish to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event. Fortunately, there are ways to make your wedding as spectacular as you wish without an astronomical price tag.

Even though the entire process can be rather pricy, you can make sure that you stick to your dream wedding plan. Let’s take a closer look at the five simplest, most budget-friendly ways to arrange a wedding that will exceed your expectations and make for a truly extraordinary experience for you and all of your guests!

Bride and Maid of honour

Inspire your loved ones to participate

Take advantage of your family and friends' DIY skills to help add extra elements to your wedding day while still keeping costs down. While we always recommend sticking with professionals for important services such as your wedding photography and catering, your loved ones can always help add a special personal touch. Do you have a mum or aunt with a dab hand at the sewing machine that can help you create bunting? 

Pick the right gown

Choosing the wedding dress is an important decision for every bride, and you should take your time to choose your outfit of the day. Now, if you have decided not to go with your mum’s vintage gown, there are other ways to make this decision more wallet-friendly and still in line with your dream wedding plan.

For instance, if you’re not sure how to pick the perfect wedding dress that meets your needs and your budget, you can always look for inspiration online. Try on several different cuts and silhouettes, and of course, see what fits best into your plan. Pro tip: bring a trusted friend along as a voice of reason and the best point of reference to ensure you accentuate your finest features and still stay comfortable!

Master the art of DIY

Fear not, you will not be expected to build an entire wedding chuppah for the special day. In fact, with so much information you can gather online from other DIY brides out there, you can use this as a way to personalise the entire experience and enjoy it even more.

Choose an intimate atmosphere

Massive weddings require equally substantial funds. If you don’t want to put all of your savings on the line (and why not save some for that wonderful honeymoon?), then a smaller wedding should be the best option for you. That means keeping your guest list to the people you truly want to share this day with, which will in turn mean smaller venue costs and a smaller catering service.

Too many couples feel obligated to invite people that they’ve met once or twice, or that are in their lives out of pure coincidence, such as those you share an office with. If you can let go of that level of politeness, you can actually cut your guest list to family, closest friends and relatives, and a few of colleagues you’ve grown fond of.

Wedding gifts with a twist

Finally, if you have chosen an intimate wedding, then all of your guests already know your situation, since they are your friends and family. If they know that you could use a boost, and some have already pitched in through taking action such as making a cake or writing those invitations with you – the rest can pitch in through other little acts of kindness and love.

Talk to them about gifting you something else, whether it’s a cheque to cover a portion of your wedding expenses, covering the price of the band, or something you will actually use. Your options are endless, and your family and friends will surely love to help!

Every couple deserves to celebrate this special day their own way. However, by using these simple tricks, you can easily cut your wedding costs and make sure that you enjoy your day without stressing over the exorbitant prices. After all, your love and happiness can never have a price tag, so fill your wedding with bliss, and everyone will rejoice in your happy union!

Thank you to Sophia for her tips. If you're planning a wedding on a budget, why not check out the Guides for Brides Wedding Budget Calculator?

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Izzy Turner-Hicks

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Izzy has been writing about weddings for nearly 10 years. Izzy is recently married and since her big day, she's been able to add her own experience of the planning process to her articles.

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