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Why You Should Consider Live Streaming Your Wedding

Why You Should Consider Live Streaming Your Wedding

Cat Arnott
Cat Arnott Updated:
16th of August 2023

In our technological age, the way we experience events has been transformed, often for the better! Now, the latest technological trend, live streaming, is benefitting brides. Whether you encounter issues with travel or last-minute emergencies, it is always a possibility that a loved one won’t be able to make your wedding. But, thanks to live streaming, they can still be part of your special day, even if it's not physically! 

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How to Live Stream Your Wedding?

You may be tempted to use Facebook or Instagram Live to live stream your wedding. However, we would suggest going to a professional instead. For example, one Guides for Brides’ team member had an unfortunate experience with live streaming. “We had a family destination wedding that we couldn't attend, so they attempted to live streaming the ceremony using Facebook live. Unfortunately, the picture was small, very blurry, and kept cutting out due to signal issues. In hindsight, professionally live streaming would have been better, as you can never guarantee how well it will work through social media.”

Live Stream Your Wedding

With a professional, you can avoid disappointment and guarantee all your guests get to witness your big day! Dedicated professionals, such as Pro Video UK and Mark Shipperly Films offer wedding streaming services. They can troubleshoot any problems on the wedding day and work alongside videographers or photographers to ensure those watching the live stream feel included.

Pro Video UK uses the latest, high-quality technology to ensure your wedding is streamed in HD wherever your guests are watching, from desktops to mobiles. They can easily stream your wedding with very little mobile coverage, using outdoor routers to pick up better signals. So you don’t need to worry about your venue's internet coverage! You also get complete control of who will be watching. Then, you receive an archived link so you can watch online or download the file to keep after your wedding. To live stream your wedding with ease, a professional is essential. All your guests need is access to the internet and your streaming professional will do the rest! 

You can choose the angle of the live stream to ensure all get a good view of the ceremony.

Top Tips 

Ensure you check with your venue and any relevant suppliers about live streaming in case there is an extra fee or anyone is uncomfortable appearing in the shot. Also, remember this should really stay as an emergency option just for those who can’t attend your wedding. It should not be an option for anyone on the invitation, or for a few you decide you don’t want there in person! Instead, offer guests who confirm they can’t make it the option of the live stream via a follow-up email with the link. Also, avoid posting the link publicly to protect your privacy, and make sure only those actually invited use it!

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