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Duke and daphne during ball sequence in Netflixs Bridgerton

Wedding Ideas Inspired by Netflix's Bridgerton

Nikita Thorne Guides for Brides
Nikita Thorne Updated:
29th of March 2023

If you've escaped the realities of life through Bridgerton, Dear Reader, you are certainly not alone! Netflix's recent, steamy, period drama is a hit with romance lovers everywhere. If you loved the fashion, the setting and the fine details, here are some ways you can bring a touch of Bridgerton to your wedding that will impress even the likes of Lady Whistledown; from the wedding venue to the flowers and or even the cake.

If you're ready to have your wedding be the talk of the Ton, read on, but beware, there may be some spoilers ahead...

The Venue

Despite Bridgerton being set in London, much of the series was filmed in Bath. With so many beautiful Georgian buildings, it's hardly surprising that the show's creators chose this stunning city to act as a backdrop.

If you want your wedding venue to resemble the Ton, you'll be very pleased to know that some of the major settings are actually wedding venues! The Holburne Museum, for example, acts as the home for the formidable Lady Danbury in the series. A beautiful setting for a wedding too, don't you think?

Holbourne Museum in Bath Wedding Venue
Image courtesy of The Holburne Museum

That's not all! Several other wedding venues in Bath were used in filming too, many of which can be found right here on Guides for Brides. Of course, the series was also filmed in a number of notable locations across the country.

In neighbouring Bristol, the stunning Leigh Court was also used as a key setting in the show. According to the Radio Times, Leigh Court plays host to a number of magical ballroom scenes and the rooms used include the Princes Ballroom, the Ingenue Ballroom and the Crawford Ballroom. You'll recognise this setting and it's striking staircase from the episode "Art of the Swoon".

Leigh Court, Setting for Bridgerton, Wedding Venue in Bristol
Image courtesy of Leigh Court

Remember those dramatic wedding night scenes? Those were filmed at the beautiful Dorney Court! This stunning, wedding venue is elegant, bright and filled with history. Perfect for any couple wanting to marry somewhere romantic and historic.

Dorney Court Wedding Venue in Bridgerton Netflix
Image courtesy of Dorney Court

The breathtaking exterior of Hampton Court Palace in Surrey is also a notable location. This venue acts as the exterior of St James's Palace, where Queen Charlotte holds court. Just imagine walking through the gardens of this Historic Royal Palace with your beloved on your wedding day and you guests gushing at the grandeur and beauty!

Hampton Court Palace Wedding Venue
Image courtesy of Hampton Court Palace

But what of the Capital? Of course, Dear Reader, some iconic settings in the show were set in wonderful London locations. This includes the Bridgerton Family Home. This setting was hosted by the stunning Ranger's House in Greenwich. This English Heritage Wedding Venue is beautiful both inside and out. Built in 1723, the Georgian villa is a perfect setting for Daphne's family home (and of course, your wedding)!

Ranger's House Wedding Venue in East London
Image courtesy of Ranger's House

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It goes without saying that the costume department for this series is incredibly talented. If you are gushing over the gorgeous Regency-inspired fashion within the show, there are plenty of ways to incorporate elements of it into your wedding look. You don't have to have a period themed wedding! These elements translate well into a modern wedding, as many Regency elements can be seen in the ever-popular boho and rustic fashion styles. 

See the video below to hear how the costume department added modern elements with contemporary colour palettes and details into the show itself:

The Dress

Whether you want to go for the full style or take small elements and add it to your look, the romantic and whimsical style of Regency fashion in the show is more accessible than you think for your wedding dress. Empire line gowns, capped sleeves, floral dresses and scoop necklines are all ways you can incorporate Regency style into your wedding dress. This Empire style gown from Enzoani is a perfect example. 

Empire Bridal Wear Enzoani

If you want to go a little further and have the full Regency look, this style by Danielle Frankel named "Rosalie" is the perfect blend of regency style and modern boho. This dress is made from 100% silk and we simply adore the overall look and feel, especially when paired with those statement earrings!

Danielle Frankel Wedding Dress


And what of the bridal accessories? From vintage jewellery to long, sultry gloves to your lingerie, there are so many ways to add to your look with Regency-inspired accessories. Why not consider adding a choker, giving a tasteful or even statement touch of jewellery that is inspired by the Regency style. This one from Rachel Sokhal Bridal Accessories is the perfect balance of modern statement style with Regency fashion.

Rachel Sokhal Choker
Image courtesy of Rachel Sokhal Bridal Accessories


You can easily get inspired by Bridgerton for your wedding menswear too, without needing to go full Regency in the silhouette. The tailcoats, top hats and canes can easily be incorporated into your style. You could take inspiration from the Duke's look with a statement patterned waistcoat or brightly coloured jacket, something a bespoke tailor will easily be able to assist with.

For example, these menswear looks from the Cotswold Tailor are easily achievable and still have a touch of Regency formality. You could even opt for a cravat instead of a tie if you wished to step up the Regency feel!

Cotswold Tailor Menswear
Image courtesy of The Cotswold Tailor

Hair and Make-up

Whether you are looking for an understated, elegant look like Daphne or Marina, or would prefer something more of a statement like Lady Featherington, there are plenty of looks from Bridgerton that could inspire your bridal hair and make-up.

Take inspiration from their hair accessories as well. If you are wanting a look that screams regality, why not consider a tasteful crown, tiara or hair vine like Queen Charlotte and Daphne at her debutante presentation. If you are wanting something more whimsical, you can often see flowers feature in Marina Thompson's looks. And, if you are wanting to make more of a statement, bright feathers amid grand curls can easily assist!

Netflix Bridgerton Hair Ideas
Images courtesy of Netflix


Now, for the wedding flowers. A recurring theme surrounding Daphne are white roses, representing innocence and purity (everything expected for a Regency era debutante). White roses are simply gorgeous and can really add a wonderful, soft element to the florals in any wedding. If you want to incorporate them too, why not consider using them in your bridal bouquet. They can also be really sweet in buttonholes. This bouquet example from Flowers by Kirsty is simply divine and has white roses throughout.

Flowers by Kirsty White Rose Bouquet

Image: Kate Gray Photography

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Cakes and Sweet Treats

High society in Bridgerton certainly had some very delectable treats. From colourful macarons to gorgeous cakes and fresh fruit, they paint the picture that wealthy families had their choice of delights. Why not incorporate Bridgerton's eccentricity when it comes to the food into your wedding? Surely it's the perfect excuse to display sweet treats, colourful fruits, croquembouche and macaron towers for your guests to enjoy!

You could even take inspiration from the Featherington's bright and colourful palette when it comes to your wedding cake. For example, this wedding cake and afternoon tea setting from Sweet Marguerite Cakes would fit perfectly within a Featherington family celebration! We love the bright, floral base tier and statement sugar flowers.

Sweet Marguerite Cakes Bright and Colourful
Image courtesy of Sweet Marguerite Cakes

Music and Entertainment

Your music and entertainment choices for your wedding will really influence the atmosphere on the day. Did you notice the recent pop hits hiding in the show's soundtrack? Songs such as Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" and Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" among other notable tunes have been covered by the Vitamin String Quartet to bring the perfect balance between modern and Regency era music.

Why not consider a string quartet for your wedding? It could be the perfect talking point for your guests as they mingle, hearing modern, recognisable songs being played during your drinks reception or wedding breakfast. Quartets and Trios like Marilla Strings Quartet have songs in their repertoire from bands and artists like the Beatles, Christina Perry and even One Direction!

Marilla Strings Quartet
Image courtesy of Marilla Strings Quartet

So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate elements of Bridgerton into your wedding day, from fashion to entertainment! If you haven't seen it yet or want to watch it again, you can find Season 1 of Bridgerton on Netflix.

Nikita Thorne Guides for Brides

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