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Podcast: Creating Your Perfect Ceremony

Podcast: Creating Your Perfect Ceremony

Imogen Almond Updated:
4th of July 2022

This is the first episode in season three of Guides for Brides – The Wedding Podcast, and to top it off we’ll be discussing the importance of a celebrant in creating your perfect wedding ceremony! Nikita is joined by Jennifer Patrice.


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What is covered in this podcast?

In this episode of Guides for Brides - The Wedding Podcast, we get into an excellent discussion with Jennifer Patrice about how choosing a celebrant is a great way to ensure your ceremony is memorable for you and your guests. 

Having your wedding ceremony be unique to you is what every couple strives for. Celebrants are able to inject a bit of fun and emotion into the day, that gives couples a ceremony that isn't cookie cutter. The restrictions of a traditional and classic wedding are removed, allowing for complete creative freedom when it comes to planning the perfect ceremony. 

Jennifer explains the importance of telling the couple's love story and how crucial it is for couples to do thorough research into their future celebrant so their journey is portrayed in the way they have always envisioned. 

Topics such as LGBTQ+ and fusion weddings are discussed. 

Currently (May 2022), independent celebrants are unable to perform legally binding wedding ceremonies in England and Wales but there may be change on the horizon with the Law Commission's review of marriage laws which is hoped to bring the rules in line with Scotland and Northern Ireland. The review is due in July 2022.

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Imogen Almond

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