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The Aloe Vera Wedding Cake from Ann's Designer Cakes

The Aloe Vera Wedding Cake from Ann's Designer Cakes

John Maddaford
John Maddaford Updated:
8th of March 2023

This month, Ann's Designer Cakes shares with us everything you need to know about making your wedding cakes healthier, without sacrificing the great taste of cake we all love.

Ann’s Designer Cakes create cakes in an array of shapes and sizes, from dairy free, wheat and gluten free to eggless, there are no limitations! Ann has recently introduced a whole new range of healthier options for wedding cakes. These cakes aren’t just for the health conscious and the fitness fanatics but anyone who wants to have their cake and eat it, guilt free!

The Aloe Vera Wedding Cake from Ann's Designer Cakes

Ann and her team have created a new ‘Aloe Vera Cake’, giving couples the opportunity to have a healthier wedding cake option. The Aloe Vera plant offers endless health benefits, including being naturally rich in nutrients and fibre. It is also a well-known herbal remedy for the skin, what better way to consume this super plant than in the form of a cake!

So if you and your partner are looking for a healthier alternative to cake on the big day, then treat yourselves and your guests, to an Aloe Vera infused cake. Giving your body a healthy boost but still with all the goodness and enjoyment of a normal cake.

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John Maddaford

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John Maddaford

With 15 years experience at Guides for Brides, John has many clients that are bakers, cake makers and suppliers of all sorts of sweet treats. He is the best person to contact for supplier recommendations in your area.

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