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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Lingerie

Nikita Thorne Updated:
20th of October 2023

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Welcome to the wonderful world of bridal lingerie. Not sure where to begin when looking for your bridal lingerie? Whether you are choosing something to wear beneath your wedding dress or something for the wedding night; you've come to the right place! Our complete guide is here to help you make your lingerie decisions simple.

What styles of Bridal Lingerie are available?

There are so many different wedding lingerie looks you can choose from. While your chosen wedding dress will help you to shortlist your choices, the style you choose is completely down to personal preference and how confident you feel wearing the lingerie you've chosen.

Two-piece separates

The benefit of a two-piece lingerie set is the ability to choose the style of bra and knickers. Many lingerie suppliers will have mix and match options of bra and knicker styles. The most important thing is to ensure your lingerie choice will be comfortable. For example, you may wish to avoid any style of bottoms that you aren't used to wearing. Or, at least have a back-up pair which you are certain will be comfortable for you to change into if things begin to get uncomfortable!

Boohoo white two piece lingerie set

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Bridal Bras

You will likely know what a bra is already so we won't spend too much time on these options! However, there are so many styles of bra available from a simple t-shirt, to a plunging push-up. You may find that you do not need a bra as your wedding dress may already provide you with enough support and lift. This is why you should always find your dress before you choose lingerie. However, if you do need a bra, you may find that there is a specific style that works best. So, ask your wedding dress stylist for their recommendations. 

Victorias Secret White Bridal collection Bra

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Bridal Bralette

Looking for comfort? A bralette is a bra that doesn't have an underwire or much structural support. It is often a choice for women who have smaller breasts. Be aware that many bralettes do not fasten in the same way as a typical bra. So, you may need to take it on and off over your head. This is important to note as you'll want to have it on prior to having your hair and make-up done.

ASOS White lace detailed bralette

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Chemise and Bridal Slips

A dainty and sophisticated bridal look can be found in the form of a chemise. This short, slip dress can be paired with any kind of knickers to help you feel comfortable if you would prefer to go braless. This style is super feminine and flirty and can be found in different materials.

 Victorias Secret chemise/slip bridal collection

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Teddies and Bodysuits

Think bra and knickers all in one. A teddy, also known as a bodysuit is a sexy look that provides extra coverage. These looks can be seen in a number of styles. Choose between underwired bras to those without and different styles of bottoms from thongs to full coverage. These days, a bodysuit is a common style for everyday fashion. You will see tops that fasten at the crotch area to give an illusion of a neatly tucked-in top. So, you can always trial this style for a more casual outfit before you buy your bridal lingerie.

Off white body suit from New look

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Corsets are all about achieving a flattering look that stands on its own. Today, there are corsets available that are simply shapewear and are not harsh on your waist. They help to flatter the torso and waist, giving a gorgeous hourglass look and stronger support for the breasts. We would recommend avoiding a corset that cinches too tightly as this will be uncomfortable to wear all day and can be damaging to your health. It's important to also bear in mind that some wedding dresses already have corsets boned in them, so this look may just be for the wedding night. If you decide on a corset, make sure to wear it a couple of times before the big day to get used to it. 

White Bridal Corset from Victorias Secret

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Suspenders and Garter Belts

Suspenders (also referred to as a garter belt) have clips that hold up thigh-high stockings. It is a sexy addition to your bridal look that you can add to most lingerie looks to give a bit of va-va-voom. Not suitable for under the dress or don't want to wear one all day? Match your garter belt with your chosen lingerie set to really complete your look for the wedding night.

Bridal suspender/garter belt from Coast

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What styles of knickers are available for Wedding Lingerie?

Whether you are have decided on a two-piece look or unsure of which bodysuit look you are wanting to choose, it is important to understand what to expect from the bottom of the lingerie. Here we explain the different styles of knickers.

  • Full Brief - The full briefs provide the most coverage. This classic style usually sits high on the waist and has a low leg line. While they are full coverage, don't think these styles aren't sexy! Many are able to be held by suspenders or made with fabrics like latex and lace which avoid visible lines.
  • Shorts - Shorts are also designed for comfort and full coverage. They can sit high on the waist or low rise and often have a longer leg line. For some sexier designs, they can be made from lace or silk fabrics with some designs cutting away at the back.
  • Bikini - Designed for a medium-level of coverage, bikini knickers sit low on the hips and narrow on the sides. This provides a flattering shape. The back of these knickers can be full coverage with cotton or have a cheekier feel with lace.
  • Hipsters - Similarly to the bikini, these knickers are designed for medium coverage. They sit low on the hips and often have a wider leg line to provide more coverage. Many bridal looks for this style are made from silks and latex.
  • Brazilian - Often known as a cross between a bikini and a thong, this style provides low to medium coverage. They sit low on the hips and often cut away at the back. This style really gives a flattering look on your body's natural curves.
  • Thong - The thong is designed to minimise visible lines, providing minimal coverage and exposing more of the bottom. They can sit low or high on the hips depending on the look you are going for. The thong is a go-to choice for many brides who are looking for a sexy lingerie look with no VPL.
  • G-String - The G-String is designed to be sexy with little coverage. The string sides sit low on the hips and help to avoid visible lines. This look is perfect for brides who have chosen a tight or form-fitting wedding dress.

Bride in lingerie with wedding dress

How can I ensure my lingerie is right for my dress?

You should go wedding dress shopping before you go and buy your bridal lingerie as it is often the dress which will dictate the style of lingerie you buy. It may be that all you need are some knickers, as the dress might provide enough support for your breasts in the boning of the structure or corset.

When you go shopping for wedding dresses at the bridal boutique, you should speak to the sales assistant about lingerie too. The decision you make will depend on the dress shape, material and fit. So, they'll be able to advise you as to what will work best for you.

When should I shop for my bridal lingerie?

This is not a last-minute decision, so we recommend thinking about lingerie at the same time as purchasing your wedding dress. As soon as you've said 'yes' to the dress, you should start looking at lingerie options. You'll want to have the set chosen and ready for when you have your final fitting. 

Plus, many wedding dress suppliers also stock lingerie, so you may be able to look for both the dress and the intimates in one place.

Does my wedding lingerie need to be white?

While some brides choose to match their lingerie to the colour of their wedding dress, others prefer to choose nude tones or colour. It is important to know the material and colour of your wedding dress first.  If the material of the dress is quite delicate, then it will likely be that you'll want the lingerie to match your skin tone to make them look seamless.

If the material is thicker, perhaps you'd like to go with a white, ivory, blush or even meet the tradition of 'something blue' with a baby blue lingerie look.

Should I have a Boudoir Photoshoot?

Again, another entirely personal preference and is becoming more popular at the moment. You can celebrate the lingerie you have chosen for your wedding day by having a boudoir photoshoot. It is the perfect gift to give your fiancé on the day of your wedding. Plus, it's also a beautiful, tasteful and liberating way to boost your confidence in your wedding lingerie. Especially if you are not used to wearing the type of lingerie you have chosen!

Should I wear shapewear on my wedding day?

This is an entirely personal choice! Many brides choose to wear shapewear to smooth out the torso for dresses which are form-fitting. However, this is something that is not required! Most important is you feeling 100% comfortable and confident on your wedding day.

Bear in mind, shapewear can come in lots of different styles. This can include bodysuits with thong bottoms to avoid VPL and full-body suits. If you choose to wear shapewear, ensure you feel comfortable in it! Make sure it doesn't restrict your movement and be aware that you may need someone to help you in the bathroom on the day as it can be difficult to remove.

Marks & Spencer nude shape wear

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How do I measure my bra size?

To look your best in your gown you need to make sure you are wearing the right size bra. Your bra size will fluctuate with any weight changes, so follow this simple guide to help you find the right size for you.

There are two important measurements you'll need to know to figure out your correct size: the band measurement and the cup measurement. The band measurement represents the numeric portion of your bra size - the 36 in a 36C. The cup measurement will be used to determine your cup size - the letter C in the size 36C.

Step 1: Measuring your band size

Measure under your arms, high on your back, around the top of your chest. If this measurement is an even number, then this is your band size. If this measurement is an odd number, then add 1" to determine your band size. Record that number, you'll need it for step 3.

Step 2: Measuring your cup size

While wearing your favourite supportive, comfortable bra, measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust. Record that number as well.

Step 3: Calculating your bra size

Subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement; each inch represents a cup size. For example: if your band measurement is 34" and your cup measurement is 36", then the difference between these measurements is two inches, and you'd wear a B-cup.

How do I know if my bra fits correctly?

  • The centre front of the bra should sit flat against your body. If it doesn't, then your cup size is likely to be too small and you need to try a bigger cup size. For example, if you have a D cup bra, try a DD size cup.
  • If you experience itching or red marks around your bra area, the band size of the bra is often too small/tight for you. You might also need to adjust the straps for a better fit.
  • If you see red marks around your straps, then the straps are too tight. You should be able to comfortably fit a finger between your shoulder and strap. Make sure your bra straps are long enough for the bra to be fastened low, at the point where your back narrows. When you try your bra on, make sure the straps are at the longest length. Then adjust them accordingly for the perfect fit. Your straps are important to support your breasts.
  • If your bra rides up your back, your bra band size is too big and you need to go for a smaller back size.
  • Your bra band should feel tight and firm, with enough space to insert two fingers under the back band and one under the centre at the front.
  • If your breasts spill over your bra cups, then the chances are you need a bigger cup size, so try the next one up. Your breasts should sit comfortably in the bra cups. You don't want to see the sides of your breasts bulging outside of the bra cups!
  • When you buy a new bra, make sure that it fits properly on the loosest hook. As the elastic loosens over time, you'll need to fasten it on tighter hooks.
  • Do stretch out your arms when you are trying on a bra to see if it feels comfortable.

Where can I buy my bridal lingerie?

Most shops on the high street and online will have lingerie suitable for your big day. However, there are a few that have specific bridal collections where you can easily find everything you will need and more for your big day lingerie and beyond all in one place.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Bridal Lingerie Nightdress
Courtesy of Marks & Spencer

Discover the exquisite bridal lingerie collection at Marks & Spencer, tailored to enhance your wedding dress silhouette. Choose from a range of no-VPL knickers, delicate thongs, and beautiful lace pieces for a flawless look. Opt for classic white or find the perfect shade to match your skin tone. Enjoy hassle-free online shopping and easy returns for a stress-free experience.

Browse the collection


Debenhams bridal lingerie collection

Discover the perfect finishing touches for your dream ensemble at Debenhams' exclusive bridal lingerie collection. Indulge in delicate satin, lace, and embellishments like diamante, bows, and cut-outs. Explore enchanting bras, knickers, coordinating sets, and alluring nightwear. Choose from renowned brands like Triumph, Fantasie, and Gorgeous. Unveil elegance with silk slips, robes, and pyjamas. Find your desired hue, from classic black to vibrant shades. Elevate your big day with our exquisite selection.

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ASOS Bridal lingerie collection

Discover the allure of exquisite bridal lingerie that is both comfortable and charming in the ASOS Bridal collection. You can even mix-and-match bridal lingerie with delicate lace trims and bow-front finishes all from a range of well-known brands. Hunkemöller offers understated glam for your wedding night. Wolf & Whistles presents stylish shaping bridal knickers. Ann Summers offers floral bodysuits for a captivating all-in-one look. Elevate your bridal ensemble with their selection of essential underwear sets.

Check out the collection


Wonderbra Lingerie Collection
Courtesy of Wonderbra

Feel your ultimate self in Wonderbra Lingerie - a range of bras, briefs and shapewear that ensure comfort and confidence. Choose from a wide selection of backless, push-up, strapless, plunge bras and more! Ensure your knickers match your bra beautifully and indulge in their underwear, even add a touch of glamour with their lacy Refined Glamour range. Complete your bridal look and feel flawless in innovative shapewear designs that honour your figure.

Explore Their Range

Final Points

Do try your bridal lingerie on with your dress, before the big day! You should preferably bring it along to your final dress fitting to ensure that the whole look is what you are expecting and that it fits well beneath your dress.

Make sure you choose something that makes you feel confident. Your wedding day is about feeling amazing. While you'll want to look good, you'll also want to feel like yourself and your choice of underwear will be a big factor in that. Remember, comfort and confidence are key when you make this choice.

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