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What are Change The Date Cards?

What are Change The Date Cards?

Cat Arnott Updated:
8th of March 2023

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on many 2020 and 2021 weddings. Many couples may need to change the date of their wedding. So, how to go about informing your guests?

While postponing your dream wedding is a heartbreaking step, informing your guests should be a priority once you’ve made that decision. Luckily, this is an easy task. You’ll want to find the right words that are informative but will also get your guests excited about the new date. We recommend using a Change The Date card. Not the most common form of wedding stationery but essential at times like this. We have outlined our top tips below for creating a successful Change The Date card. 

Do I Need One? 

You might have already informed your guests about postponing your wedding informally via social media. However, you can follow your postponement announcement up with a Change The Date card to keep things official. It might be since the first announcement that you have a new date lined up and would like a more permanent, official way of sending this news. 

Even if you don’t have a new date, you may just want to make sure that every guest knows that the event has definitely been postponed, but is still going to happen. Social media isn’t always reliable!

London Paper Crafts

Image courtesy of London Paper Crafts

Talk to Your Stationer 

Once you have decided to send out a Change The Date card, talk to your stationer who did your original invitations. While they might not have Change The Date cards listed on their website, they tend to follow a similar template to Save The Dates, such as the one above by London Paper Crafts. Change The Dates don’t need to be elaborate so there is no reason your stationer won’t be able to change the template to fit your needs. 

Physical or Electronic?

You may not want to spend more of your wedding budget on another 100+ paper postponement cards. However, many stationers offer elegant digital versions of their designs. You can be sent a personalised digital download that you can then print or send via email to your guests. So, you still have the option of paper for your less tech-savvy guests but can save a little money, especially if these don’t yet have the new date on. 

London Paper Crafts

Image courtesy of London Paper Crafts

Match Your Theme 

Another reason to talk to the same stationer who did your original invitations is so you can get a Change The Date card with the same theme. After all, this situation is still part of your wedding. So, you should try to keep the message of your theme the same.

Different Forms

Due to the sad news these cards portray, many tend to be elegant and minimal. However, you can also make them more informal and upbeat as a way of keeping positive about the situation! Different headers will help identify your tone. Here are some examples:

  • Change the Date
  • Save The New Date 
  • Resave the Date
  • New Plan
  • Change of Plans
  • We Still Do and We Still Will!
  • Un-Save The Date 

Find out more information on how to postpone your wedding.

Cat Arnott

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