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Dahlias perfect for autumn weddings
Dahlia Beach

5 Reasons Why Dahlias Are A Fabulous Choice For Your Autumn Wedding

Nikita Thorne Updated:
8th of March 2023

As summer peters out and the autumn chill moves in, you may be struggling to think of a beautiful, colourful flower that is in full bloom to feature in your autumn wedding florals. Why not consider dahlias? These beautiful, autumnal flowers are full of colour and perfect for featuring in bridal bouquets, centrepieces, buttonholes and even large floral displays!

So, here are our top 5 reasons why dahlias are the perfect flower to choose for your September / October wedding.

So many different varieties!

We all know that there is a huge variety of roses, but did you know that the same goes for dahlias? When we searched for dahlias on the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) website, 6679 results came up. That's A LOT of dahlias! The beauty of dahlias is the fact they come in so many different colours and shapes, from small, dainty flowers, to big, dense heads with many layers of colourful petals. So, whatever your style of bouquet, you're likely to find many dahlias that suit your wedding look and colour scheme, all with a variety of textures and sizes.

white Dahlias in wedding bouquet Image courtesy of Flowers by Kirsty

Image courtesy of Flowers by Kirsty

The perfect symbol of love and commitment

According to Petal Republic, the Victorians considered dahlia flowers to represent a lasting bond and lifelong commitment between two people. Today, they are also considered to represent the start of something new. So, with both of those meanings in mind, we can't think of a better flower to represent your new marriage and the commitment you are making to one another.

Bonus: a dahlia bouquet is a fabulous and unique interpretation of the "new" element you can bring to your wedding if you are following "somethings" tradition.

Dahlias in wedding centrepiece

A colourful way to embrace autumn

You've chosen to get married in the autumn and with that comes colour! Whether you are wanting to represent the oranges and reds we see on the trees, or dive into those deep, dark colour trends that are so popular for weddings in the cooler months, dahlias are the perfect choice. With dahlias, you can show off the colours of autumn. Whether you want hot pinks and reds or pastels and creams, dahlias will bring you both bright colour and elegant subtlety to enjoy for your wedding in the autumn months.

Bouquet of Dahlias

Image courtesy of Dahlia Beach on Instagram

Statement stems with instant texture

The most popular dahlia for wedding bouquets is the dreamy, Cafe au Lait. It's easy to see why. This elegant flower features statement, ruffled petals and gorgeous hues of champagne, ivory, dusty pinks and even peach tones. Some variations are a mocha colour, perfectly reflecting its tasty name! However, you don't just have to stick with the most popular dahlia!

All dahlias have character. The fabulous variety of blooms is an excellent way to add instant statement florals or textures to your bouquet or even your centrepieces. Whether you want round heads, delicate tiny florals or large, fluffy manes of petals, they can be instantly eye-catching in the most beautiful way!

Blooming haus Dhalia bouquet. image by Charlotte Wise Photography

Image by Charlotte Wise Photography, bouquet by Blooming Haus

Easy to grow

Some couples love the idea of featuring the florals they've grown in their own garden or heading to a pick-your-own flower supplier to select their favourite dahlias for their bridal bouquets, buttonholes and centrepieces. The owner of Dahlia Beach and friend of Guides for Brides, Andie, is passionate about helping people fill their gardens with dahlias.

Andie from Dahlia Beach at The Chelsea Flower Show. Image by Ollie Dixon Photography

Image by Ollie Dixon Photography, courtesy of Dahlia Beach on Instagram

Having featured at The Chelsea Flower Show in September 2021, she expressed on BBC South Today - Oxford that "Dahlias actually aren't that difficult to grow in the UK. I planted these out on the 6th of June and by the middle of August (usually at the beginning of August) they are flowering right through to the end of October with the first frost. And the thing with dahlias is, the more you pick, the more you get!". How wonderful is it to know that these flowers will just keep blossoming through the autumn?!

So, move over roses and peonies, it's the dahlias time to shine! If you're ready to discuss your wedding flowers, find a top florist near you and get planning those bouquets, buttonholes and centrepieces.

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