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Winter Weddings: Keeping Warm

Winter Weddings: Keeping Warm

Alison Hargreaves Guides for Brides Bio
Alison Hargreaves Updated:
8th of March 2023

If you're planning a Winter wedding full of festive spirit and Christmas sparkle, then don't forget to keep your guests feeling toasty throughout the big day.  Here are 5 ways to keep your friends and family warm at your Winter wedding...

1. Blankets - A simple way to keep your guests feeling snug.  There are many thoughtful ways in which blankets can be presented; for example, in a basket with the added caption of "to have and to hold, in case you get cold."  Blankets will show that you've considered the minor details.

2. Mulled wine - Creating a festive smell throughout your reception, your guests will be put in the festive mood after their first sip!  If you don't fancy mulled wine, then why not serve warm cider or hot chocolate for the younger guests.

3. Fire - Whether you're burning a log fire inside a venue or creating a bonfire in the gardens, fire adds a magical warmth to any occasion.  Fire pits are a secure and safe option for outdoor use; creating numerous pits outside will create warm spots for your guests to enjoy alongside some fresh air.

4.  Shawls - Provide your Bridesmaids (and yourself, of course) with shawls or pashminas. This will keep your Bridal party warm during the outdoor photo shoot. You don't want your Bridesmaids to come away from your big day with a cold - and you certainly don't want one for your honeymoon!

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5. Hot food - Throughout the evening reception, supply your guests with some winter soup, hot apple pies or warm mince pies. Hot snacks will help your guests soak up the alcohol so that they can keep partying for longer.

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Alison Hargreaves Guides for Brides Bio

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