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William Freeman Toastmaster and Celebrant

Toastmaster, MC, Celebrant & Event Concept Planner

Surrey, East Molesey

£300 - £450

51 reviews

Personalised service, stress free and highly effective

Keeping guests energised, involved and engaged. Giving family and guest memories of a 'day that couldn't have been bettered'

Reduced fees for non-weekend dates

Combined Celebrant / MC / Toastmaster pacage

Prices & Key Facts


Price Band: £ - ££

Typical Price: £350

Price Range: £300 - £450

Combined Celeb rant and toastmaster package £500. Price reduction for non-weekend dates


About William Freeman Toastmaster and Celebrant

Wedding toastmaster, celebrant and MC services supporting you from your first idea to your live wedding day. Weddings come in every 'shape and size'. I remain the same size but adapt to fit the format, style and level of humour you want. I have over fifty (50+) reviews from happy couples, so please take a moment and see what they have said. Thanks for looking.

Planning a wedding is stressful. As your wedding toastmaster or celebrant, I help plan your ceremony and reception and remove that stress so you can enjoy your wedding day with family and friends.

As your wedding toastmaster, I am also your MC and event 'choreographer', your ‘fixer-of-problems’ and ‘calmer-of-nerves’. I make sure things run exactly as planned and that problems are solved without worrying you or your friends. Most of what I do is very visible (and entertaining) but a lot of my work goes on 'behind the scenes' - and to that extent is 'invisible' (but necessary!).

I can wear any outfit you like but the red tailcoat makes me visible and gives authority without pomposity.

As your wedding celebrant, I will work with you to design a ceremony to give you what you want. If you can picture it, I can make it work for you. You choose the venue - home, garden, beach, pub, marquee, boat, historic site, woodland, sports field, whatever you want. You choose the timing - daytime, night-time, by candlelight or by moonlight.

You can register your marriage quickly and cheaply at a registry office and then, at some other time, have the wedding ceremony you have dreamt of for around £350.

Contact & Location

William Freeman Toastmaster and Celebrant

22 Beauchamp Road, East Molesey, KT8 0PA, Surrey, United Kingdom


Many people picture a toastmaster as someone who makes announcements and introduces speeches. That’s true, but there’s much more; your toastmaster is your event master of ceremonies and ‘choreographer’. He, or she, gets people to where they need to be at the time they need to be there. Not always an easy task which takes time and effort. The red tailcoat gives visibility and authority but shouldn’t be a reason for pomposity! You are the stars of your day, not the TM. Hotel staff can coordinate the flow of food and drink but rarely have time or resources to do the full MC job.

Yes, with pleasure.

I need information to produce a ceremony tailored for you. You see the ‘script’ at every stage of development. It’s great if we meet face to face but Zoom is a workable option too.

Designing and scripting a ceremony starts at £275 (£125 payable up front). Performing your ceremony from £150

Ideally four weeks but I can handle short notice if necessary (and the date fits). My shortest notice so far was three days, but I wouldn’t want to make a habit of it!

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51 reviews

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