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Your Take Wedding Videos, Wedding Videographers in North London

Capture the moments, we'll create the memories – You Take Weddings, your perfect video partner.

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Key Facts

Price Band: £ - ££

Typical Price: £850

Price Range: £420 - £875

4K Package INCLUDED: 2 Sony 4K Cameras Welcome pack & tutorial Completed full-length film (normally around 15-20 minutes) Short highlight video Completed films sent back on beautiful, personalised USB

Features & Services

High Quality, affordable wedding videos

Over 20 years of experience in television production

4K, easy to use cameras

About Your Take Wedding Videos

Your Take Weddings is your ideal choice for capturing the magic of your special day. We provide you with high quality, easy-to-use cameras to distribute among your guests, who will help us film your wedding from their unique perspectives. Once the cameras are returned, our expert team will meticulously edit and craft those precious moments into a beautiful, unforgettable wedding video that you'll cherish forever.

Our journey began with the shared passion and vision of Sian and Simon, a husband and wife team who found their creative spark in the world of television and documentary production.

Sian and Simon met during their time in the television industry, where they honed their storytelling skills, and their collective talent and dedication have earned them recognition and accolades from the esteemed Royal Television Society. Their portfolio boasts an impressive array of documentaries, captivating audiences across major channels, including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, National Geographic, and Discovery.

After exchanging vows and embarking on their own marital journey, Sian and Simon realized that their skills and experience could be a gift to other couples. They envisioned a fresh and revolutionary approach to wedding videography – one that would allow the most important people at the wedding, the guests themselves, to become the storytellers.

Your Take Weddings was born from this vision. We provide couples with video cameras, empowering their friends and family to capture the day's magic from their unique perspectives. This innovative concept allows us to create wedding films that are not just professionally crafted but intimately personal.

With our roots in the television industry, we have access to some of the best editors in the country. Our experience and connections enable us to assemble a team of skilled professionals who transform raw footage into beautiful films.

Your Take Wedding Videos

Nationwide, North London, United Kingdom