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How To Use The Brochure Feature on your Guides for Brides Advert

Eden Harrhy, Digital Marketing and Social Media Exec at Guides for Brides
Eden Updated:
8th of March 2023

We are excited to introduce our new brochure feature, now available to add to your Guides for Brides listing through the business hub. This will allow any couples who view your advert to download a copy of your brochure immediately. You'll be notified that about their download, giving you a strong lead to follow up on and increasing your chances of conversion.

It is easy to add this feature to your listing, but if you need extra help, here is a step by step guide on how to set your brochure up, once you have logged into your Guides for Brides Business Hub.

How to add a brochure to your listing on Guides for Brides

Follow our step-by-step guide to easily add your brochure to your Guides for Brides listing.

1) From your dashboard in the Guides for Brides Business Hub, click "Manage Advert" in the left hand menu.

Manage advert highlighted

2) In the drop down click "Advert Contact" Details. It is good practice to double check all the contact details you have supplied are up to date as this is where your enquiries and notification of brochure downloads will be delivered.

Advert contact details highlighted

3) You will then see a Brochure section (highlighted)

Brochure box highlighted

4) You can then add your brochure in PDF format by either clicking to upload or dragging and dropping it into this box. Please note, uploads are currently limited to 10MB. Please contact the team if you are struggling to upload your brochure for any reason on

5) You will then see this banner appear at the top of your page, confirming your brochure has successfully uploaded.

Green upload successful banner at top of page

6) IMPORTANT - you must make sure you save your changes for this to go live on your listing. Go to the bottom of the page and click the save changes button (highlighted)

save changes button highlighted at bottom of page

7) You will then see another green banner pop up at the top of your page to confirm the change has successfully been saved. It may take a few minutes for the change to be implemented onto your listing.

Green successful changes saved banner at top of page

8) You will see your brochure has now appeared here (highlighted). To replace it, simply press the trash icon and repeat the previous steps.

Your current brochure highlighted

9) If you now go to your listing on the Guides for Brides website, you will see a brochure button has appeared with your contact details and at the top of your listing.

Brochure button highlighted on web advert

What happens when someone clicks the download brochure button?

The information form that comes up when someone clicks the brochure button

When someone clicks your brochure button, an enquiry form will appear. They then have to fill in their details to be able to download the brochure. This information will be sent to you as a notice of interest for your records.

If they have created a Guides for Brides wedding planner, all of their brochures will be stored here too so they can revisit in the future.

The brochure button only appears when couples are in your listing, not from the search pages. This is to ensure only couples that are truly interested in your offering will download the brochure and be a much warmer lead than those who are simply window shopping.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this new feature today by logging into your Business Hub.

This feature is available exclusively to enhanced adverts on Guides for Brides. You can upgrade online or by speaking to a member of our team on 01235 770078.

Eden Harrhy, Digital Marketing and Social Media Exec at Guides for Brides

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