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Live Streaming for Weddings

Alison Hargreaves
Alison Hargreaves Updated:
4th of July 2022

Our wedding live streaming allows venues, planners and couples to involve guests in the wedding day through remote participation, when they are unable or unwilling to attend in person.

All you need is a wifi connection, a mobile phone and someone to start the live stream on a laptop or computer, and a link from us.

How does it work?

If you are familiar to Zoom you'll find it very easy.

  • Call or email us for the access code.  
  • Give the link and password to the person that will film the ceremony or reception (using a phone, tablet or laptop) and anyone that you want to be part of your broadcast.  You can have more than one person filming simultaneously to catch guest reactions or a different angle and can even have people joining from home so views can see their reactions.
  • Invite all other guests, family and friends to go to your Facebook page or YouTube channel at the time you will be going live. Alternatively couples can create their very own free wedding website with Guides for Brides, and stream their wedding on there.
  • Log in to your Facebook or YouTube account, then start the Zoom meeting in the usual way and press the "more" option (or 3 dots) in the bottom right corner of the screen when you are ready to go live. 
  • Select Facebook or YouTube, wait a few seconds and everyone will be able to watch from home.

You can start and stop the broadcast as often as you like throughout the day. You can save the videos to Facebook or YouTube and we'll keep a secure back up too.

Do you have to stream on social media?

Couples can create their very own free wedding website with Guides for Brides, and stream their wedding on there.

This allows guests to choose how they join in the celebrations. They can join the stream on Zoom if they have a role in the wedding, for example if they are making a speech, or they can go straight to the wedding website if they just want to watch.

You can still stream via Facebook or YouTube at the same time, but this option allows greater flexibility for guests, couples and venues.

To find out more about streaming via a Guides for Brides wedding website, get in touch with

What does is cost?

We have an introductory rate to use the system of £50 + VAT per month as a venue. This includes unlimited weddings, events or meeting and includes full Zoom professional account access. 

Brides, grooms or other users can use the system for £45 incl VAT per event.

How to I book?

Get in touch with We have limited licenses available and your session will need to be booked in.

Alison Hargreaves

About the author

Alison Hargreaves

Alison founded Guides for Brides in 1995 and has been advising brides and businesses ever since. She has an unrivalled knowledge of the wedding industry and is part of an international network of wedding professionals and entrepreneurs. Alison frequently appears on podcasts and expert panels as well as judging various wedding awards.

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