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Pekes Manor Estate

Stunning Tudor Manor House

East Sussex, Chiddingly


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About Pekes Manor Estate

This beautiful estate offers a range of accommodation options for you and your wedding guests. Pekes Manor Estate in Halisham, Sussex, can sleep up to 63 guests across the manor house and it's 5 cottages.

We have a range of facilities to enjoy during your stay here, including an indoor heated pool, jacuzzis, tennis courts, croquet, badminton, etc. Even have a stroll round the garden and enjoy the views over the Sussex Weald.

Our secluded private estate allows for a peaceful stay with no noise or traffic to disturb you. The surrounding fields are farmed organically, so no nasty sprays around.

Conveniently located just 55 miles from central London and 13 from Eastbourne and the sea, and with nearby rail links.

Contact & Location

Pekes Manor Estate

Pekes Houses, Nash Street, Golden Cross, Chiddingly, BN27 4AD, East Sussex, United Kingdom