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Ann's Designer Cakes Predicts Harry and Meghan's Royal Cake

Ann's Designer Cakes Predicts Harry and Meghan's Royal Cake

John Maddaford Updated:
8th of March 2023

With the Royal Wedding only months away, the suspense is building in the Guides for Brides office! We’ve spoken to one of the industries leading wedding cake experts, Ann’s Designer Cakes, to see if she can shed some light on the royal wedding cake.

Ann's Designer Cakes Predicts Harry and Meghan's Royal Cake

It’s been reported that Meghan and Harry will be having a banana cake, but how do you think the cake will be decorated?

Banana & Cinnamon is actually one of our most popular flavours amongst our clients at the moment, so it's good to know that we're right on trend with the Royals! There will no doubt be a couple of traditional fruit cake layers too, which as with William and Kate, will be kept for a future christening.

We imagine that the design of the cake will, of course, be in keeping with Royal tradition. Perhaps a classic white cake with elements of Harry's regiment and the four British nations. Princess Diana's wedding cake was a collection of hexagonal shapes and William and Kate's cake was formed around round tiers. So maybe Meghan and Harry will choose a mixture of shapes, definitely tiers, not pillars, with a range of flavours to surprise their wedding guests. There are certain elements of a Royal Wedding that have to be kept to a certain standard so we in no doubt expect to see something grand, opulent and beautifully lavish.

Ann's Designer Cakes Predicts Harry and Meghan's Royal Cake

Do you think there will be a theme for the wedding? And do you think the cake will be included in the theme?

The theme might reflect the wedding venue, Windsor Castle. Again in keeping with Royal tradition, we see this being very formal with a few elements of the young Royals personalities which will be subtle, elegant details, such as emblems or the flowers used to decorate the cake.

Ann's Designer Cakes Predicts Harry and Meghan's Royal Cake

Which royal wedding supplier do you think will be making THE cake?

The potential suppliers are so vast. It could be Fortnum & Mason as they are a preferred supplier to the Queen and Prince Charles. They might even decide to use a wedding cake supplier from overseas. Whoever they use, they are one very lucky wedding cake supplier!

If you were asked to make Meghan and Harry’s cake, what would you suggest?

Oh my goodness, what an amazing opportunity that would be! As they are such a young and trendy couple we would steer them away from tradition and design them something more stylised, off-the-wall perhaps. Something current and modern like a drip cake or an elegant marble textured cake which is very in right now. Marble combined with a satin effect to give a flare of glitz and glamour, with a nod to tradition in the form of a crest or monogram of their initials perhaps. Flavour wise we would definitely suggest a mixture of funky flavours such as Pistachio & Honey, Cookies & Cream, Passionfruit and of course our Banana & Cinnamon flavoured sponge!

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