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Confirming With Your Wedding Suppliers

Alison Hargreaves Guides for Brides Bio
Alison Hargreaves Updated:
29th of July 2022

As the big day approaches, you'll want to be sure that you have all the necessary details confirmed with all your wedding suppliers. Here are our top tips for making sure the process goes as smoothly as possible...

Confirming your wedding suppliers

Email, don't call

Firstly, we recommend emailing over phoning. Not only will you be able to list all your questions easily, but you'll have everything in writing so you can easily refer back to it. This is especially important if worst comes to worst and there's a disagreement about what was supplied. Be sure to copy in your other half so that you both have all the details over email. Also, make sure to include your wedding date and venue in the subject line so your supplier can easily categorise your message.

If you're not getting a response over email, then you can give your supplier a call. However, be aware that they may be dealing with multiple couples during peak times. 

The important details

The details you'll need to confirm will depend on your suppliers, but the important ones to note are: how much you owe, when the final payments are due, and exactly what you're receiving on the day (this counts for services as well as products). If it's a supplier who'll need to arrive at your venue directly, such as the cake designer or band, then be sure they have the correct address and the contact number of your venue coordinator. If it's a supplier who'll need to arrive with you, such as the photographer, videographer or florist, make sure they have your address and the number of a member of your bridal party to contact. 

wedding planner, coordinator

Consider an on-the-day wedding coordinator

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the logistics of wedding planning, then you may want to consider hiring an on-the-day wedding coordinator. While a wedding planner is involved in all stages of planning, from initial inspiration to helping you choose suppliers, an on-the-day coordinator will work with you in the weeks before the wedding to help you manage the practical parts of planning and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day. They'll liaise with suppliers in the run-up to the wedding, create a comprehensive wedding timeline, help with set-up on the day, and help manage any unexpected emergencies that pop up. If you have the budget, they're well worth the peace of mind! Find a wedding coordinator here

Alison Hargreaves Guides for Brides Bio

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Alison Hargreaves

Alison has been advising brides, grooms and bridesmaids for more than 25 years. She has an unrivalled knowledge of the British wedding industry and frequently appears on podcasts and expert panels. She regularly attends international wedding conferences to keep the UK at the forefront of wedding planning trends.

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