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Honeymoon Ideas and Reviews for Italy

Alison Hargreaves Updated:
4th of July 2022

Few countries are as diverse as Italy. A country of mountains, sparkling coastlines, ancient history and sumptuous cuisine, a holiday in Italy is a real tonic, wherever you’re headed.

Lake Garda is perhaps the most famous and popular of Italy's northern lakes. Nestled between high mountains covered in pine woods, olive groves and vineyards it provides a great place for relaxation. For those of you looking for culture on a holiday in Italy, you will have the chance to visit Roman ruins or wander through museums crammed full of Renaissance masterpieces.

Because of the beautiful Italian coastline, obvious choices of activities are watersports. The numerous activities provided include, sailing, canoeing and windsurfing, for which Torbole is often described as the ideal place. For the slightly more adventurous of you, scuba diving is readily available for all levels, as schools are available to train you.

For those looking to have a more active holiday, Italy hosts water based activities such as boating and windsurfing as well as beaches suitable for bathing, such as the neighbouring Lake Como. Many people explore the shores of the lakes on bicycles, but you can try pony trekking or horse-riding too.

Italy is known for its favourable climatic conditions, due mainly to the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea. However, mountainous areas, particularly around the Alps in the north, can suffer severe, long winters, allowing a thriving skiing industry to have developed.

The country's varied climate is determined by three distinct geographical regions. In the north, cold Alpine winters are followed by warm, wet summers, except in the Po Valley, where arid summers contrast with freezing, damp winters.

Land close to the Apennines can have snow during the winter months. Other areas that are protected by hills and mountains, such as Liguria in the north west, enjoy a mild climate all year round.

Most of the rest of Italy has a pleasant climate with long, hot summers and mild winters - go to the Amalfi coast in December and you'll be surprised to see lemons still on the trees, shrubs still in flower. Sicily, meanwhile, is becoming an increasingly popular winter sun destination.

Generally, the hottest month is July (where temperatures can reach 30°C/86°F); the coldest month is January; the wettest month is November, with an average rainfall of 129mm; while the driest month is July, with an average rainfall of 15mm.

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