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Trend Alert - What is a Bubble Wedding?

Trend Alert - What is a Bubble Wedding?

There were many obstacles to overcome when planning a wedding during social distancing. One of those was how to keep different groups separate while continuing to have fun at a wedding reception. Bubble weddings were a trend that posed a solution to this problem. 

You may have seen pop-up bubbles, igloos or party domes installed at trendy restaurants over the recent winter season. Filled with festive lighting and cosy blankets, these dining experiences allowed small groups to stay warm while enjoying gorgeous views, often on London terraces. 

Honey Dome
Honey Dome

Well, why not bring them to your wedding?

Inflatable and semi-permanent structures such as these igloos and domes have always offered an interesting alternative to conventional marquees and tents, giving weddings an extra wow factor. During the pandemic, they would offer a practical choice too. For a small wedding, you would only need one or two small domes where you could have a unique wedding breakfast while social distancing different family groups in the wedding party, as well as keeping venue staff safe.  

Each bubble is a waterproof structure that is easily inflated or built. These highly versatile spaces can be decorated however you wish, creating a beautiful, yet safe, environment for you and your guests at your wedding. 

We spoke to expert Mario Di Maggio from Dome Club Ltd, who supply a variety of inflatable, glass and geodesic dome structures to venues and for private use. He said:

“Domes, whilst still a new, developing option, are a viable alternative to marquees for both couples and venues. If couples are wondering if their guests will be safe, this is a way to be isolated, yet together. While there is sound absorption due to the panelling, there are numerous built-in windows that can be opened or there is plenty of room to set up speaker systems. You can all enjoy each other's company, and hear the wedding speeches, at a safe distance. Transparent domes can be warm in summer but the panels offer UV protection and there is the option for passive ventilation with windows or active ventilation with air conditioning! You can still have a cool, comfortable bubble whatever the weather. In fact, if it's raining, the dome does more than keep you dry - it becomes a sensory experience! Domes can be an incredibly novel wedding experience, both futuristic and safe.”

Honey Dome
Dome Club LTD

A bubble wedding can offer your guests a feeling of safety and comfort as well as being a unique and exciting experience. 

In our blog about having a great, socially distanced wedding, we discuss treating your vulnerable and shielding guests as VIPs. Well, what better way to feel like a VIP than their very own exclusive bubble?

Cat Arnott

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Cat Arnott

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