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Wedding Day Fireworks: Going out with a Bang

Wedding Day Fireworks: Going out with a Bang

John Maddaford
John Maddaford Updated:
8th of March 2023

Wedding day fireworks can be the crowning glory to an incredible day, and we're often asked how much people should be expected to spend, how the displays are organised and what restrictions there are on fireworks at weddings. We've been chatting to the experts at Titanium Fireworks all about how you can go out with a bang!


"At Titanium Fireworks we don’t believe that there is an “off the shelf” display, as every couple, venue, wedding and budget is going to be different. We're passionate about making the display just right for you to crown off what will be one of the most special and memorable days of your life. We’re often asked if we do smaller budget shows - just because we're fortunate enough to fire some of the biggest displays in the country doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be proud to play a part in your big day. It is precisely because we do get to work with some of the largest pyro budgets that we know how to deliver the best possible display for your budget.

The starting price for a wedding display can be as low as £1200 and setting to music can cost as little as £2000. You can find cheaper packages in the industry, but in the end it’s all down to trust. It’s a lot of money to invest, so whatever company you choose to go with, make sure that you believe in them, that they don’t ask for money up front, and most importantly that they are safe to be doing the display with their experience and insurance.


We often get people asking how they should plan if they want to include some sort of fireworks in their day. Take a look at our top tips:

  • Once you’ve chosen a venue, ask a fireworks company to come in to see what can be done. Some venues can have massive, all-aerial displays while others are more suitable for low-noise, intimate sets.  Only a professional will be able to tell you what is possible. Any reputable company will do a site visit (which should be free of charge and without any obligation) and then they’ll be able to offer you some options.
  • Don’t be afraid to put forward your ideas. It’s your day and your money after all, so don’t let someone who has only just met you tell you what to do. We often get people sending us video clips and photographs asking us if we can do something similar and you should always feel comfortable enough to ask.
  • If you want to include music, make sure it’s the music that YOU want. We will always be honest if we think a track doesn’t work, but ultimately if that is the track that means the world to you, then we’ll work with it. Make it your own - you only get to do it once!
  • Whatever you decide to do, remember you should never be paying for site visits or getting quotes. You should only commit once you're sure that you’ve got a display that you’re happy with from a company you trust, believe in and who you feel will deliver.

We often find that people go down one of two routes, and either option is manageable. Either couples tell us how much they want to spend and we advise what we can do within their budget, or they tell us what they envisage. Whether it be music, colours, a dream you’ve had, or a video you saw, we then come back to you and tell you how much it is likely to cost.


We know from the feedback we get that fireworks (to music or not) are one of the things that people remember the most (after how gorgeous the bride looked and how touching the groom’s speech was of course!)

Titanium Fireworks offers bespoke wedding displays from £1200 all over the UK, and have designed Edinburgh and London’s New Year’s Eve shows for the last 9 years. Find out more about the incredible work they do online.

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