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Your guide to wedding fireworks

Your guide to wedding fireworks

Izzy Turner-Hicks
Izzy Turner-Hicks Updated:
8th of March 2023

A professional firework display is truly the perfect way to finish the biggest day of your life. Whether you like the big bangs or the quiet Chinese lanterns are more your thing, wedding fireworks can be an amazing part of your entertainment in the evening.  There are professional display teams covering the whole of the UK, which means you're sure to find a package to suit your big day. Here's our guide to wedding fireworks and how to make your wedding end with a bang...

Solihull Fireworks

Solihull Fireworks at Hagley Hall

Does your venue allow wedding fireworks?

Before you start booking your fireworks company, it’s a good idea to start by checking that your wedding venue allows them before booking your event. Some venues will not allow fireworks, so please check first, so not to be disappointed. Other venues may have limitations, such as low-noise fireworks, or limits on the number of wedding fireworks they'll allow in a week. This is equally likely in built-up residential areas and rural wedding venues with nearby farms, so don't assume - check!

Low-noise wedding fireworks by Solihull Fireworks, West Midlands

How long should wedding fireworks last? 

You don't need to spend thousands on a 15-minute fireworks show to make an impact - short and sweet is just as impactful! This is especially true for winter weddings when your guests may be standing in the cold to watch your display. 

"Over the many years we have been supplying wedding fireworks, we have learned that firing the fireworks in a shorter time makes for a far more impressive show," says Chris Clarke, Technical Director of Sonning Fireworks in Berkshire. "We would recommend your show last between 5 to 6 minutes. If you go and stand outside for 6 minutes, you'll be surprised at how long it feels!

"It is better to have 3 minutes of awesome unbelievable fireworks than to have 15 minutes of one by one, slow-paced fireworks. If you half the time, you double the impressiveness of the show!"

Pyromusical fireworks by Sonning Fireworks, Berkshire

How much do wedding fireworks cost?

Many fireworks companies will work with your wedding budget to help you get the best bang for your buck - literally. However, it's worth bearing in mind that wedding fireworks are not a budget item. On average, they'll set you back around £1,000. 

Komodo Fireworks in Leicestershire agrees. "As an outline guide to pricing, the average spend for professional wedding fireworks tends to be in the region of £1000 upwards for a traditional display. For a pyromusical (aka, a fireworks display set to music), the fees tend to be a little more at around £1700 upwards to cover the choreography and PA system."

Komodo Fireworks

Komodo Fireworks, Leicestershire

If you're on a very limited budget, then some companies may have an affordable wedding fireworks package for you. For example, Illusion Fireworks in Oxfordshire offer a Super Saver package for just £595, which includes around five minutes of fabulous fireworks. If you're looking for something a little bigger, their Pyromusical displays start at £1000 for a 5-minute package.

Super saver package by Illusion Fireworks, Oxfordshire

What extras can I get with my wedding fireworks?

When it comes to fireworks displays, the sky's the limit (sorry!). Many display teams can tailor your fireworks show to include opening or closing sequences in the colours of your wedding day, and there are plenty of extras you can include as well. If you've chosen a musical display, you could choose music that's personal to you, such as your aisle music or first dance. There are heart-shaped fireworks, and letter displays. You could even have your guests enjoy sparklers outside as well. 

Komodo Fireworks, Leicestershire, at Mallory Court in Warwickshire. This display included silver and gold accents to match the couple's colour scheme.

How big should the fireworks area be?

The exact content of a firework display will depend on your own requirements and on the nature of the site. Ideally, the display site should be 50 metres long and 25 metres wide for the fireworks themselves. The fallout area should be clear of marquees, cars etc. This is because display fireworks produce quite a bit of debris and ash. Fireworks reach heights of 100 metres, so it's important to avoid overhead power cables and trees. Your guests should be 50 to 75 metres from the nearest firework, with the wind travelling from the spectators towards the fireworks.

Ready to book your wedding fireworks? Search our Wedding Entertainment section to find your nearest supplier!

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