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WeWriteSpeeches, Overseas Toastmasters & Speechwriting

We give wedding speakers the AI-powered tools to quickly write great speeches themselves

United States, Laguna Beach

£14 - £235

Speech planning using an online tool

AI-enhanced speechwriting using a self-service tool

3 versions of your speech produced

Speech reviewing service

Also offer Agile-powered speechwriting by professionals

Prices & Key Facts


Price Band: £ - ££

Typical Price: £116

Price Range: £14 - £235

The typical price of GBP 116 is based on a wedding of 5 speeches, and includes the planning tool (list price $148).


About WeWriteSpeeches

We provide self-service speechwriting that makes it very easy for both experienced and inexperienced speakers to write great speeches quickly. They simply have to answer some questions, pick some curated content and provide some anecdotes, and we will do the rest. They don't need to waste time researching structures etc. We also believe that wedding speeches need to be planned so that they work well together as a set - so we provide an online tool to help with that.

Our mission is to make weddings better by bringing professionalism, planning and quality control to the speeches. We believe all the speeches at the wedding should have a guiding hand, to ensure they all work well together, with minimum overlap of content, and with nothing or nobody important left out.

The Details


Master of Ceremonies


Speech writing


Contact & Location


1968 S Coast Highway #5551, Laguna Beach, United States

Our Sustainability Commitments

Our services are delivered online and remotely, so we have a relatively low carbon footprint.