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Ali Moore

Senior Account Manager at Guides for Brides

About Ali

Ali is a Senior Account Manager at Guides for Brides. Over nearly 13 years with the company, Ali has developed really strong relationships with our clients across the UK and across all categories and has particular expertise in supporting wedding celebrants, mother of the bride outfitters, bridal wear boutiques, hair and make-up suppliers and wedding venues. 

In particular, she has great knowledge about wedding businesses based in Essex, Kent, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. In fact, when Nikita was in the process of choosing her wedding venue and suppliers for her October 2023 wedding, she went straight to Ali to get her recommendations for top Cotswold-based businesses.

Ali’s Role at Guides for Brides

As a Senior Account Manager, Ali spends a lot of time getting to know her clients and their businesses, ensuring that they are well represented on the Guides for Brides wedding directory and advising them on how best to make the most of their advertising and marketing campaigns. She is really passionate about helping her clients and is a true customer service champion.

Ali is also the self-confessed “Mum” of the office. She is exceptionally good at ensuring everyone feels welcome and part of the team and is a great mentor for new starters and younger members of the team.

Ali’s Experience and Educational Background

Ali has been a member of the Guides for Brides team for nearly 13 years. So, her knowledge of weddings and trends has really developed over the years. She is also a key bridge between the sales and marketing aspect of the business and loves learning about the latest updates and news in marketing and social media practice so that she can pass that information on to her clients. 

Ali also has some event planning experience; she has played a key part in the organisation and operations of fundraising events for her local football club and JDRF (a charity supporting children with diabetes). Additionally, and on a more personal level, Ali has her own wedding to plan with her long-term partner, and is really excited about getting stuck into planning!

What is your favourite thing about the wedding industry?

I love the wedding industry, not only because the people within it are super creative and passionate about what they do, but they also truly care. The sense of inclusion within our industry, especially since the pandemic, is inspiring and I really love how businesses support each other and couples who are tying the knot. There’s a real community feel!

What is your dream wedding style?

I’ve been engaged for a little while now and haven’t started planning yet, but when we are ready to make a start, I think I’d like to get married a wedding venue near the sea. Preferably at somewhere that has a wonderful coastal view and a rustic, relaxed feel. Sustainability is also really important to me, and I would want my wedding to be kind to the environment and not too over-the-top!

What is your favourite wedding trend at the moment?

Oh there’s lots of things that I am loving! I love to see brides that go for something less traditional, like a jumpsuit for their wedding outfit. I also really love seeing couples throw the traditional rule books out the window and have mixed wedding parties with “mates of honour” and “best women”. 

Speaking of throwing out the wedding rulebook, I also love the movement towards more celebrant-led weddings where couples can make their ceremonies more personal. I am keeping my fingers crossed that these ceremonies become legally recognised soon in England and Wales! 

You're our Mother of the Bride and Groom fashion expert, where should mothers start when searching for an outfit?

I love helping mums of brides and grooms to be! Searching for an outfit for your child's special day can be daunting, but I also say the best thing to do before you start shopping is do your research first. Look on our Essential Guide to Mother of the Bride and get a feel for the kinds of styles that are out there. Make a note of designers you like, identify a budget for your look and then head over to our Mother of the Bride page to find the very best shops and boutiques near you that can help you to find your ideal outfit. Remember, read the reviews! This is all part of that research phase that is so important to ensuring you have a great time shopping for this very special outfit.

What is your biggest tip for brides and grooms who are planning right now?

I think the most important thing to remember is that this is your wedding day and nobody else's, so make sure that it is a true reflection of you both. There’s a lot of pressure to plan a wedding that meets everyone else’s expectations, but try not to be too influenced by that. Use the wedding suppliers that get you excited, and invite the people you would most like to be there on your big day. This is your moment and you should do it your way and have fun while putting it all together.

How to contact Ali

You can email Ali at or connect with her on LinkedIn.