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23 Amazing Wedding Trends For 2023

Jessica Jex Updated:
8th of March 2023

We partner with carefully selected wedding and honeymoon brands to provide you with ideas and inspiration for your big day. This article may be sponsored or contain affiliate links.

2023 is fast approaching and though that may create a sense of dread if you feel behind on your Christmas preparations, it also means your wedding is so much closer now! If you're planning a 2023 wedding and want to see what trendy details you can incorporate into your wedding day, then you have come to the right place. To make sure that we are getting the 2023 trend predictions right, we have called upon some industry experts to give insight on trends from bridal wear fashion to honeymoon destinations.

While Bridgerton inspired weddings were all the rage last year, many of the biggest wedding trends we have noticed for 2023 are harking back to the 70s and 80s. We may have Netflix shows such as Stranger Things, Sex Education and The Crown as well as films such as Top Gun: Maverick to thank for this revival! While legwarmers, mullets and slogan t-shirts may not be the wedding style you had in mind, a lot of 70s and 80s trends that are making a comeback are fab for weddings such as rah rah skirts, jumpsuits and shoulder pads. Read on to find out more...

Pantone Colour of the Year 2023

The Pantone Colour of the Year usually dictates what one of the most popular colours for weddings in the coming year. For 2023, Viva Magenta is here! We think this colour is absolutely perfect for 2023 as it signifies confidence and strength which will definitely be required when you're wedding planning. This colour seems to be a grown up shade of the 'Barbiecore' aesthetic that we loved seeing over the summer. This release video is from the official Pantone Instagram account and the imagery they use seems to be inspired by The Stranger Things upside down.

1. Outdoor Weddings

Naomi Biden White House Outdoor Wedding Day
Courtesy of Corbin Gurkin

Image shows Naomi Biden share her first kiss with her new husband Peter Neal on the White House Lawn with the Washington Monument in the background.

Outdoor Weddings are not going anywhere even though all COVID-19 restrictions have eased. This could be because rules around getting married outside were lifted and ceremony location rules are lifting even further in the next couple of years. Plus, couples' weather worries do not seem to be as prominent anymore. After all, it's the love you share that matters. Take for instance Naomi Biden getting married on the White House lawn in a cool 5-7ºC! Thankfully they planned ahead and prepared blankets and hand warmers for each guest.

Our advice: The British weather can be unpredictable even at the best of times. So, if you want to follow this outdoor wedding trend, make sure you have a good plan B in place just in case the heavens open!

2. Smaller guest lists with a big focus on experience

Intimate Wedding
Courtesy of Pexels

For generations it has always been hard to navigate who is invited and who doesn't quite make the cut. In the past, parents of the couple were able to have more of a say on which of their friends were invited but nowadays this isn't often the case. Cut to the 2020/2021 weddings where laws only allowed a maximum of 15 or 30 attendees, so the invite list was drastically reduced.

While cutting the list was stressful, a lot of people actually enjoyed the way these smaller weddings happened and the fact they shared their day with the people they were truly close to. Small and micro weddings are still popular now as couples love the fact that they can spoil the select few they've invited to their day with lavish experiences that they would have had to cut back on if planning a larger event.

LaToya Patel, founder and expert wedding planner at SW Events, agreed with this idea when she told us her predictions for 2023 South Asian Weddings:

"Based on what we're seeing, I think that South Asian Weddings will become even more experiential. We're seeing more emphasis on the entertainment, the overall "vibe" of each wedding event, upgrades to food and drink service, and a focus on the finer details.

The multi-day wedding in venue spaces is coming back in a big way and creating more "staycation" experiences for guests. Destination weddings have also gained in popularity again - at least a third of our wedding enquiries are in this category now! And to achieve all of this, I predict that the per head spend will continue to increase with guest counts reducing disproportionately to budgets."

Pinterest saw major increases in searches for 'creative cocktail presentation' and 'cocktail garnish ideas creative' which shows the move towards extravagance. Plus, with many Gen X preferring a mocktail or low ABV drink there has been an increase in searches by 220% for 'fancy non-alcoholic drinks' and a 75% increase for 'mocktail bar'. These trends may be something you can incorporate into your 2023 wedding!

3. Bows

Ted Baker Wedding Shoes
Courtesy of Ted Baker

No matter if its a bridal wear with bows, hair bows, bowties or bows in decor this design feature is definitely popular for 2023 weddings. Bows were a very prominent feature at several bridal fashion week shows such as Viktor & Rolf. While in many cases less is more, when it comes to bows a large bow adds a lot of drama to a look! Bows were a prominent feature of the 1970s and 1980s providing another example of how these eras are all the rage this coming year.

Many celebrity brides added bows to their hair on their wedding day like Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani and Zoë Kravitz so take inspiration from them. Alternatively, Ted Baker is a brand that is synonymous with bows and you can purchase the shoes pictured above here. We think these will look great on the dance floor!

If bows aren't your thing then why not try some fringe? Pinterest found that searches for 'fringe wedding dress' was up 45% while tassel jacket was up 60%. We are sure you will find a wedding trend that is perfect for your wedding and your personality!

4. Celebrant Wedding

Celebrant wedding Surrey 2023

Celebrant Weddings are personalised ceremonies that highlight the love the couple has for one another above anything else. They are less restricted in where and when they can take place. Unlike in Scotland and Northern Ireland, celebrant-led weddings are not yet recognised by law in England and Wales on their own. However, it is likely this will change as the Law Commission recently announced their wedding law reform recommendations. We predict more and more couples choosing this type of ceremony in 2023 and beyond!

5. Creative themed Hen and Stag Do's


RIP to the bride’s single life🪦#bachelorettepartyideas #bachparty #halloweenwedding #weddingtiktok #bridetobe

♬ Super Freaky Girl - Nicki Minaj

TikTok video of hens who have organised a quirky hen do for their friend.

We have loved to see the more quirky style of Hen Do's that have been popping up on our TikTok For You page. From a cowgirl themed night out, to a quiet night in mourning the loss of your 'Miss' status, there's so many great ideas out there. Your bridal party are sure to have some great ideas but it is important to remember, your Hen Do is all about celebrating you and will be fun whatever you choose. Just make sure you communicate with your Maid of Honour (or whoever is in charge of planning) so they know what you would prefer.

Alternatively, if you're having a relaxed Hen Do and are a creative person why not try out some paper craft that you can use as wedding stationary or decor. Why not try paper quilling, papier-mâché or even origami to create beautiful homemade pieces which become a more personal touch at your wedding venue. Pinterest saw large increased searches in this area as well as a huge trend for people searching how to make paper rings!

6. Disposable Camera for the guests

TikTok video of a young child's footage of a wedding on a disposable camera.

If you haven't seen this all over your social media already then you definitely need to check it out! Disposable cameras are making a comeback to weddings in a big way. This lovely wedding trend is a great way to capture those all important candid photos since you may not want to carry your phone with you on your special day. We have seen some incredibly cute videos where younger guests were given a disposable camera and have taken the pictures from their perspective. You can check it out above!

7. Private Last Dance

Private Last Dance at wedding
Courtesy of Pexels

We all know that a private first look has been a popular choice for couples who want to have a special moment ahead of their vows, but have you heard of a private last dance? We think this is a lovely moment to set aside time for just after you've said goodbye to all of your guests following your wedding reception. It is the perfect opportunity to have a chat with your partner and let it sink in that you are finally married while you are still dressed in your gorgeous outfits among the beautiful decor. It's a fabulous photo op too!

8. Embroidered Veils

Kourtney Kardashian at the Dolce & Gabanna Fashion House ahead of her nuptials to the Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

While couples have been incorporating subtle nods to different aspects of their life into their wedding for several years, couples have started getting really creative with how they do this. Embroidered veils seem to be one of the favourite ways to do this and has seen a surge recently.

From Hailey Bieber having part of her vows on her veil to more recent brides such as Kourtney Kardashian who had her new husband's head tattoo embroidered onto her veil. Other's have been slightly more subtle. For example, bridal wear designer Justin Alexander's wife Kelsey had their initials nestled within a heart on her veil. There are so many different options to personalise you veil and you can find some on Etsy.

9. Donating to charity in lieu of favours

Wedding Favours for Charity

Although donating to charity is not a trend, there have been an increase in couples opting to donate to charity rather than give out favours to wedding guests. Some couples feel that wedding favours will not be used by their guests and end up being a wasteful purchase. Many would therefore rather give the money that was set aside for favours to people who need it more. If this sounds like something you would like to do why not check out our charity partner VOW for Girls who work to end the international child marriage crisis.

100% of the funds raised by VOW for Girls are invested in underfunded grassroots efforts that advance girls’ rights by providing education, job training, and vital life skills, so girls across the world can own their futures. VOW's vision is a world where no child is ever a bride. Please visit for more on how you can help girls around the world live lives they love and deserve.

10. Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart table at wedding

If you are looking for something a little less traditional and more intimate on your wedding day why not opt for a sweetheart table? This seems to be a popular choice for couples in 2022 and we envision it continuing to be big in 2023. It is a great way to have private conversations as newlyweds and let the day sink in a little!

Weddings can be overwhelming and you are in high demand so this is a perfect little reset and looks so cute on pictures! The sweetheart table is simply a small table for you and your partner to share rather than having a top table with family and close friends. They will sit elsewhere in this instance. Plus, if you a group too large for the top table or awkward family dramas you'd rather avoid, then this is a brilliant solution.

11. Bold Colours

Instagram reel of a wedding with a bold colour scheme with black, magenta and orange.

The white, green and gold wedding colour combination from 2022 is a classic and it isn't going anywhere. However, opposite from the neutral tones, bold and unique wedding colour schemes are also on the rise. With black, bright blues, oranges and Pantone's Viva Magenta being popular choices to pop against the white decor of blank canvas or dry hire wedding venues. This wedding trend is perfect for couples who love colour.

Alannah from Shropshire Petals who recorded a podcast episode with us last summer told us all about what they are expecting to see in 2023 and she seemed to agree with us:

"A big trend for 2023 is couples creating their own unique colour palette, creating something as original as they are to celebrate their big day. We’ve seen a huge increase in couples creating bespoke Pick & Mix confetti mixes made of delphiniums, wildflowers, roses, hydrangeas and even eucalyptus petals.

Kalidoscope confetti mix from Shropshire Petals

We’re predicting a continued trend for neutral and earth greens for 2023 wedding colour schemes. Couples are choosing subtle confetti mixes including Enchanted Woods and Pink Lemonade. However we are seeing an emerging split with the use of bright and bold colour palettes, couples choosing rich statement confetti mixes like Tutti Fruity and Kaleidoscope (as pictured) for a vibrant splash of colour and a way of reflecting their own personality too."

Pinterest have also seen an increase in searches relating to rust coloured weddings with the term 'burnt orange wedding theme' being up 695%.

So move over soft pink and regency blue of yesteryear, the new colours are on the block and they are beautiful!

12. Late Night Fast Food

Chips at a wedding
Courtesy of Pexels

One trend that has been becoming increasingly popular is having fast food in the evening of your wedding. When you've had your formal meal earlier in the day (and since then have danced like nobody is watching) you begin to get a little peckish by the time 8pm comes around! The problem is, nobody wants to be taken away from the party for too long to curb those cravings, so fast food is the perfect option. This could be something you can arrange with your venue or caterers or you could hire a food truck to get your fix.

13. Direct Flash Photography

Images by Laura Shaw using Direct Flash Photography.

Say hello to the photography many couples are favouring for 2023... Direct Flash Photography. This style of photography is where the flash is pointed directly at the subject to give a crisper and more modern finish than the popular film photography. These photos look super cool and also give a spontaneous feel. Social media sites are flooded with these images at the moment so if you need some inspiration you will definitely be able to find some to send to your photographer.

14. Outfit Change

Paris Hilton Short Wedding Dress

Image of Paris Hilton in her bridal mini dress at her November 2021 wedding to Carter Reum.

While it used to only be the high flyers on Say Yes to the Dress who wanted several wedding outfits for their big day, now everyone wants to change it up for the evening! Take inspiration from celeb brides this year such as Sarah Hyland and Jennifer Lopez who adopted different styles for different periods of their day and we can't forget Paris Hilton's 7 outfit changes for her wedding weekend. For this we love a jumpsuit or mini dress for the evening as it is a more relaxed style and very 70s!

If a second designer wedding gown isn't quite in the budget, high street brands like Coast, Nola London and Ghost are a fab place to search for a second bridal look.

15. Gold Jewellery is in

Gold Engagement Ring

Image of a gold ring with a rectangular diamond in the centre of a pink rose.

While gold jewellery has never gone out of fashion, a lot of brides are favouring yellow gold over white gold or silver jewellery right now! Stacey Solomon even had her engagement ring changed to yellow gold a few weeks before her wedding to Joe Swash this Summer. Plus, Gemma Owen who was a firm favourite among the Love Islanders this year created a frenzy around her gold necklace! Whatever colour of jewellery you prefer we have a range of suppliers that you can find here!

16. Statement Floral Displays

Wedding Flower Arch
Jonny Gouldstone

Image displaying a wedding arch at the end of the aisle, framing the bride and grooms vows and first kiss, this arch was created by Flowers by Kirsty.

From ceremony flower arches to statement structures to decorate your wedding reception, Statement Floral Displays were big in 2022 and we don't see this changing in 2023. We spoke to Floral Design Expert, Kirsty Grieves from Flowers by Kirsty for her expert insights: "Large statement floral arrangements like asymmetrical arches are a fantastic way to frame you at the front of your ceremony and afterwards are great backdrops for photos throughout the day. They are bigger budget items, but definitely worth it! Dried elements like pampas grass and spears mixed with fresh flowers have been around for a while now and are definitely not going anywhere. This adds lots of lovely texture and depth to arrangements."

Purple Floral Wedding Cake

If you want to incorporate florals into more aspects of your day why not have a botanical wedding cake? Nature is a great way to tie all the aspects of your wedding together from the initial 'Save the Date' all the way to the wedding favours it is a theme that works so well! Pinterest have seen a trend towards more statement floral bakes with 'Purple floral cake' and 'wildflower cupcakes' seeing a 85% and 110% search increase respectively. You can really play with the bold colours here too!

17. Wild & Organic Floral Design

Organic Looking Wedding Flowers

You've probably also seen a lot of wedding bouquets and floral displays that look like they are straight out of a beautiful meadow of wild flowers. Organic and wild floral design is another wedding flower trend that is seeing an increase. This beautiful bouquet created by Flowers by Kirsty is a perfect example of this.

Kirsty Grieves added "Trends for wedding florals continue to be wild, loose and organic looking - which we love doing! For example we now create lots of floral hedgerows down aisles that can be repurposed along the bottom of a top table afterwards. What gives these arrangements the natural look is we only using materials that can be used again like chicken wire in pots, rather than oasis products. Flowers and foliage can then be placed at different angles so it creates a real natural loose look."

Sustainable choices

We got in touch with Michelle from the Sustainable Wedding Alliance to get her views on popular choices couples are taking to make their wedding more sustainable. Here's what she said:

"Although sustainability isn't a trend, we are certainly seeing a rise in couples being more aware about the choices they are making, choosing products and services that have a positive environmental impact..."

18. Grown not flown flowers

Flowers Growing for a wedding bouquet

Another floral trend for 2023 and a more sustainable one at that. Many flowers get imported from the Netherlands and even as far away as Mexico on a regular basis. Couples are becoming more conscious of the impact this has on the environment and are now opting for British grown flowers in their bouquets and decor.

Michelle adds, "we have seen a rise in couples asking for and choosing UK grown flowers over imported, looking for seasonal, local flowers and can only see this growing in 2023. In addition to the environmental benefits, British grown flowers can be more cost effective, have a lower carbon footprint, and give couples the opportunity to visit flower farms and meet the growers. "

Kirsty Grieves also mentioned that "Using flowering plants like hydrangeas or grasses mixed within floral arrangements are a big thing right now. Not only are they more eco-friendly, they can also be given as gifts and planted up in gardens as a lasting memory of your day."

19. Plant Based Food

Kemp and Kemp Wedding Caterer Vegan Meal

Image of a vegetarian dish made by Kemp and Kemp caterers.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of plant based meals for our health and the environment and so it's no surprise to use that many experts are predicting an increase in plant based dishes on wedding menus.

Michelle says, "with so many people aware of what is on their plate, it makes sense that couples are thinking more about their menu. With caterers leading the way, showcasing seasonal and local produce, and some now adding a carbon footprint label to the menu, it's becoming easier to choose a more environmentally friendly, ethical meal. Swapping just one dish on your menu to be plant based, is a great way to reduce your wedding's impact on the planet."

20. Hire vs Buy

Wedding Suit Hire vs Wedding Suit Buy

Hiring decor and clothing for your wedding is a great way to keep costs down and be more eco-conscious about your wedding day. Suits are a popular item to hire, as a formal suit that you wish to wear for your wedding may not be something you get much use out of in day to day life. You can find some menswear and suit suppliers that offer hire here.

Another great item to hire rather than buy for your wedding is the decor. The big items such as LED letters and table centre pieces may not be items that you want cluttering up your garage in years to come and hiring them is so easy! There are so many wedding styles but there is sure to be something out there that suits your wedding plus, it may mean that you can get better quality items for less money.

Michelle from the Sustainable Wedding Alliance said - 'There are so many wonderful stylists and decor hire companies that in 2023, hiring your decor rather than buying it will both save money and waste.'

There has also been an increase increase in searches on Pinterest for vintage decor and we think you may be able to tie these two popular wedding ideas together and find some great vintage pieces to hire for your special day.

21. Dramatic Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress for 2023 Suzanne Neville Raffles

Image of Raffles Wedding Dress by Suzanne Neville which is stocked at both locations of the Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutique.

Following her trip to New York Bridal fashion week, Ellie Sanderson of Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutique tells is her favourite bridal wear trends of the season.

'New York Bridal Fashion week (NYBFW) is the place to see the styles for the year ahead and this year was utterly exciting. Big wedding celebrations are back on the agenda and so are voluminous skirts with ruffles, soft colours like pale pink and Lavender. Shimmer and sheer panels with dramatic detailing, overskirts and texture. The world's top designers came together in the Big Apple and they did not disappoint.

My favourite two designers of all the shows came from London and Melbourne.

My favourite hot new Australian label “Chosen by Khya” literally washed us away with their New Wave collection, from oversized ruffles and layers through to the micro dress and sparkly trousers. All making a new wave splash of pure energy and organic movement. These designs are striking, modern and for the fashion-forward bride. These dresses will turn the head of every man (and woman) in the room.

Pinterest predicts that feminine, airy features such as tulle and ruffles which are also a great way to add drama.

22. 'Clean' Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress by Suzanne Neville

Image shows dress Bloomsbury from Suzanne Neville's Opulence Collection.

While this may seem the opposite there are a large number of brides opting for simple and structured dresses that are showstoppers in a different way. These dresses are elegant and fit the modern, sophisticated bride aesthetic that is all over social media.

Ellie Sanderson shared her favourite designer for this kind of look:

'Suzanne Neville, The Queen of Fitted bodices, showed new bodice designs with boning details and clean minimal skirt shapes which were sophisticated and glamorous. She had sweeping detachable trains and plenty of shimmer and shine. Designs that are frankly red-carpet ready. The collection is Opulence by name and Opulence by design.'

It is easy to see why this is such a huge hit with many brides!

23. Multi-Destination Honeymoons

Sri Lanka Sigiriya Honeymoon Destination

Image shows the Sigiriya or Sinhagiri is an ancient rock fortress located in the northern Matale District of Sri Lanka.

We got in touch with Rachel Tredwell to see which honeymoon destinations were popular for 2023 newlyweds!

'The Maldives is always popular, but I am finding that people are looking for something a bit more active than just a “fly and flop” honeymoon. They are looking at twin centres. My recent top 3 have been The Maldives with either Dubai or Sri Lanka, a safari and beach combination and there has been quite a surge in interest in Japan. I think Sri Lanka will be an attractive offering as they are keen to claw back some of the lost revenue. There are some new properties opening here too.  

For those with a tight budget that still want long haul, The Dominican Republic has some good options as does Bali twinned with Singapore.'

Jessica Jex, Marketing Assistant at Guides for Brides

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