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Ideas for Wedding Readings and Poems

Alison Hargreaves Updated:
24th of March 2023

Choosing the perfect reading(s) for your wedding ceremony can be really tricky! You'll want the readings to be a good representation of your relationship, suitable for the type of ceremony you've chosen and unique to what you have seen at the weddings of friends and family.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding reading or poem, we've got you covered. Our team of experts have heard so many wonderful readings. Here you can find ideas for every kind of wedding, from modern to traditional, emotional to funny. There are even options if you want children to do readings! So, take a look at our top picks below...

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Traditional wedding readings are ideal for couples who are opting to follow most of the customs and traditions we all know and love.


If you are being more selective about the traditions you follow or are throwing the so-called "wedding rulebook" out the window entirely, then these readings may be ideal for your ceremony...


If you want your guests to have a bit of a giggle with a light-hearted poem or reading for your wedding, then these are our top recommendations...


Weddings are emotional days and these readings are ideal for those who want to see a few happy tears being shed by their nearest and dearest.


If you are having a church wedding, you may want a biblical verse or reading to feature in your ceremony. Here are some suggestions.

Couple during church wedding ceremony listening to biblical wedding reading

For Children

If you want your own children to feature in your wedding ceremony, or maybe a special niece or nephew, giving them a wedding reading is a big honour and responsibility. These kid-friendly readings are ideal choices.

Top Tips

  • Most ceremonies tend to include two to three wedding readings so decide if you want one genre or to reflect a few. 
  • Remember your wedding readings may depend on your ceremony. For example, civil ceremonies can't have any religious readings. On the other hand, church ceremonies may mean you have to select Bible passages.
  • Try to choose a reading that you can relate to as a couple. So, find something that talks about a subject that is close to your heart!
  • When you’re choosing your reader, pick someone who will speak clearly and confidently. Perhaps ask them to practice it a few times in front of an audience before the big day. Almost learning the piece off by heart is a good thing to do as well as it will stop the reader looking down so often. Most importantly, if a child is doing a reading, make sure there are no long, difficult words. As a result, they can be fully confident and happy with the piece.
  • We recommend crediting the author's info in your order of service.

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