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Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutique

Luxurious, relaxed and stylish wedding dresses for the modern Bride in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire, Beaconsfield Old Town

£1,950 - £4,500

326 reviews

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Price Band: £££ - ££££

Typical Price: £2,500

Price Range: £1,950 - £4,500

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About Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutique

Ellie Sanderson is a multi award winning Bridal Boutique offering wedding dresses for todays modern Bride. Whether your style is Timeless and Elegant, Fashion forward or Destination we have you covered. Our Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire store collection is stylish & modern with a contemporary twist & our Kiddington, Woodstock, Oxfordshire collection is more relaxed, with a chilled out boho vibe. Designers at Beaconsfield include Suzanne Neville, Jesus Peiro, Kelly Faetanini & Nouvelle Amsale.

The Ellie Sanderson edit of wedding dresses is exceptional and world class.

With two studios, we have the luxury of working with brilliant labels from across the world.
In the Beaconsfield studio the collection is Timeless and Elegant with a modern and contemporary twist, whilst the Woodstock studio collection is a bit more relaxed, cool with a real chilled out vibe.

Some of this years new talented labels include: Chosen by Khya, Rish, Anna Kara, Eva Lendel and Suzanne Neville

I am driven to ensure that every Ellie Sanderson bride owns a dress that is perfect for her. All of our designers are world class leaders in the field of Bridal fashion and they create the most exquisite dresses of exceptional quality.

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Sassi Holford

Jesus Peiro

Suzanne Neville

Willowby by Watters

Kelly Faetanini



Wedding Dresses

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Contact & Location

Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutique

1 London End, Beaconsfield Old Town, HP9 2HN, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom


Yes, we always work by appointment, that way we know you are coming and we can be prepared. We will always chat with you prior to your appointment too so that we can make sure we fully understand what you are looking for.

First try on appointments are 2 hours and retry appointments are 1 1/2 hours.

We do charge for appointments and all appointment costs vary depending on when you want to visit. Pop onto our website for full details.

Always start at least one year or more before your wedding. Our dresses are handmade to order and as such production, fabric planning etc has to be put in place.

A variety of sizes ranging from 8 - 18 but mostly size 14. All our dresses can be ordered from size 4 to size 28. As the dresses are made to order we are able to scale, adjust proportions based on your figure type.

We suggest no more than three guests as it can be overwhelming for the bride. Also as our studios are intimate spaces it can become too frantic with more, dont forget you will have a stylist and you so that already makes 5.

Of course - we will help you do this.

We sell some incredible veils handmade in England.

We sell a great range of super cool accessories.

We don't but can recommend where to buy based on your dress.

We don't but we can also recommend where to buy and who to buy.

We offer two fitting services, made to measure - couture or standard size. For standard size you will be able to go direct to our seamstresses and for made to measure couture we do these in house.

The average cost of our dresses is £2350

Our Sustainability Commitments

Ellie Sanderson is committed to sustainability within the wedding industry. This is done through the choice of designers we work with, the practices they use, and our own company strategy to be more mindful of our effect on the environment. All of our pieces, be it dresses, veils or accessories, are made to order meaning wastage is kept extremely low. Any wastage is re-used or recycled by our suppliers, and we are proud of their processes. We never dispose of any products and always re-cycle our dresses at the end of their time with us.